Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dollar Store Craft - Spiral Wire Trees

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It's Day 5 and we're sharing Dollar Store Crafts

Don't you just love it when you can get items from the dollar store to make decorations for the holidays!

You've seen them all over the dollar store, hanging on clip strips, in several colors like purple, gold, red and green! You know what I'm talking about! FLORAL WIRE! Yes, floral wire! How cute would it be just to make simple spiral wire trees like these?

You won't believe how easy it is using a cardboard cone tree shape.  

Here's how:

Remove the wire from the package. Leave the coil just as it is. The floral wire is already coiled in the shape you need.

Take a small cone tree and lay the coiled wire over onto the base.

Pick up the end closest to the top and gently pull up to the tip of the cone.

Now gently take your hands and tighten the coiled around the cone, pressing inward and around, maintaining the wire coil.

You can gently tighten the top end wire closer to the tip, and level out the spirals. That's it!

A spiral wire tree! 

Make several to use in your holiday décor .  .  .

or add additional items like these tiny snowflakes for a decorative effect!

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  1. The trees are so pretty. I kept trying to figure out what in the Dollar Store you bought to make these. This is certainly on my must try list.

  2. You had me on this one -- I kept thinking "how did I miss those wire trees???". Great job.

  3. These are beautiful and I was thinking the same thing, how did I miss those? Great idea for the colorful wires.

  4. Gail, these spiral trees are so cute! What a creative way to use the floral wire. I love the snowflakes, too.

  5. Oh my, these are darling! I could just see them on a Christmas table at each place setting.

    Hugs to you, Gail!

  6. WOW Gail these are stunning...you have magical hands...you make it look so easy!!!

  7. How adorable is this project. I love how easy and fun it is to make.

  8. This is a genius idea and they would look so pretty in any decor! Great idea!

  9. Genius! I used to have a wire Christmas tree like this that I bought someplace.


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