Monday, October 16, 2017

How to Make a Floral Wire Pumpkin Centerpiece

Are you on the search for unusual Fall and Halloween decorations to create?  Here's an inexpensive way to make a decorative pumpkin shape centerpiece!  It's so easy using twisted paper stem wire!  You can make this adorable centerpiece for just a few dollars for the stem wires and you probably already have the rest of what's needed on hand. But the best part is the many ways you can decorate it for Fall or Halloween are almost unlimited!

Let's begin by gathering the following materials:
  • Paper Stem Wire - 2pkgs
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Bowl
  • Clips
  • Parchment paper
  • Acrylic Paint/brush
  • Brown paper bag
  • Embellishments
Then cut out four - 1 inch disks from cardboard.
 Next, hot glue the stem wires onto a disk, first in the 3, 6, 9, & 12 o'clock positions and then .  .  .
 glue on two more stems in between each one, spaced evenly.
Once the glue has dried, spread additional glue over the center stem ends on the disk and top with another disk applying pressure and let dry.

Next, center a large round bowl on top to curve the stem wires up and over. Hot glue a couple of stem wire ends (12, 6 position) to another disk, holding in place in the center with a piece of parchment paper over it and clips until dry.

Remove the bowl and continue gluing the ends of the stem wires to the disk following the clock positions, 3 & 9, then in between the others using parchment paper and clips to secure until the hot glue dries.

 Once all the stem ends are glued in place and dry, add hot glue over them and place the last disk on top, securing with clips until completely dry.

Press center down to shape of pumpkin. Adjust and smooth out stem wires for additional shaping. Then, paint and let dry.

 Next, cut out a section of a brown paper bag to make the stem.
Dampen with water and squeeze into a ball.

Open paper, folding lengthwise, and adding white glue along the folds.

Twist and shape paper into a stem - with one end narrow and bottom end wider, cutting off excess, as needed. Let dry.
Cut slits into stem bottom to cover and glue on to top disk.

Have fun decorating! 

I added fall leaves and a faux candle in the center that's on an automatic timer to come on at night and off at daylight, for a cool effect.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

From T-Shirt to No-Sew Duct Tape Zipper Pouch Upcycle

As promised, here is my tutorial for the no-sew duct tape zipper pouch that I attached a flower I made from a t-shirt to. There are many tutorials online for making a no-sew duct tape zipper pouch and this is my version upcycling a sleeveless t-shirt.
Cut out a 8"x15" piece of material from the t-shirt.

Cover the fabric with duct tape, slightly overlapping each duct tape strip

 until the fabric is completely covered.
Turn the piece over and cut off excess duct tape along the edge of the fabric.
Draw 1/2" seam lines on duct tape sides for stapling guide (not shown).
Place the zipper face down on the right side of the fabric and begin stapling the zipper to the fabric about 3/8 inches away from edge. Make sure you are not stapling too close to the zipper teeth.

Open the zipper before finishing stapling so that it will lay flat.

 Fold the fabric right sides together. Lay zipper flat against the edge.  Use a piece of masking tape to hold the stapled side down, then, staple down the zipper, as before.

Adjust where you want the zipper to be on the finish pouch. In this case, 1/4 of the way down.  Smooth out the folds.

 Begin stapling one side, starting at the zipper, first, along seam lines, as a guide.

 Open the zipper before stapling the last side edge so that you can turn the pouch inside out.

Begin taping over zipper staples, one side at a time, careful not to get too close to zipper teeth.

Cut off excess duct tape and zipper before taping sides.

Lay tape over front stapled sides and fold to back, smoothing the tape out.

 Repeat taping on the opposite side.

 Once finished taping over staples, turn pouch right side out, gently using the rubber eraser tip of a pencil to push corners out.
I love the way this turned out but in hindsight, there are a couple of things to be aware of.
First, check to make sure where the placement of the zipper opening is. (it should be on the left)
Second, using knit fabric to make this pouch is not a good idea. The final finish is not smooth although I ironed the fabric before adding the duct tape.

 I attached a flower I made for an upcycle challenge to dress the pouch up a bit.

 And also added a cord to the zipper by cutting off a small strip of fabric and stretching it to curl and  .  .  .
 then, threading it through the zipper tab hole and tying the ends together in a knot. 
I must say the flowered duct tape lining is very pretty and striking in this pouch!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Festive Halloween Bow

Isn't this bow adorable? It looks fabulous as a Halloween decoration or hair accessory!  I'm over on Bowdabrablog sharing with you how to make this Halloween Festive Bow!  You won't believe how easy it is! I'd love for you to visit Bowdabrablog and check out my easy to follow tutorial!

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Monday, October 9, 2017

From T-Shirt to Flowers and More - An Upcycle Challenge

It's that time again for another Monthly Challenge Blog Hop!  I've joined a group of creative bloggers to bring you a monthly challenge blog hop on the 2nd Monday of the month.  For the month of October, the challenge is to upcycle clothing material from items like shirts, sweaters, pants and socks.  How cool is that!

If you think about it, there are plenty of crafts that can be created from old clothing! In fact, it's a very hot trend right now to "Upcycle" just about anything. Projects like creating decorative rugs, baskets or pom poms from t-shirts or making bags, hair accessories, toys, hats and jewelry from all types of clothing.

Upcycling old clothes into something different or unique is the way to go these days. Imagine creating something very elaborate or something quite simple from clothing!  Recently while I was bagging up old clothes to donate, I came across a sleeveless t-shirt that was still in good condition - just a bit too small for me to wear any longer.   Its' orange color kept screaming at me, "make something for fall or Halloween!"  Whoa!!! 

So many possibilities on what to make but I knew right away I could easily create something simple, like flowers - though, they're not really for Halloween!  
Here's how: Gather the following,
Mod podge
Foam brush
Petal pattern
Black felt
Skewer stick
Hot glue
Round handle end/board/parchment paper
  • Start by inserting a board between the front and back of the t-shirt ( I used an old cutting board, but cardboard would work, too!) and cover it with parchment paper to prevent sticking.
  • Next, brush on mod podge to make the material stiff and fray free. 

  • While the fabric is drying, draw a free-hand petal on plain paper for the flower.
  • Once the fabric is dry, outline the pattern on the fabric with a pencil. You will need to cut out at least eight petals for each flower. 

  • For the center of the flower, cut out a narrow strip of black felt about three inches long and a 5-6 inch portion of the t-shirt hem.

  • Remove the stitched edge of the hem band and cut narrow slits for fringe in both the felt and hem strips. 
  • Wrap the felt strip around a skewer stick, dabbing a bit of hot glue on end to seal and remove from stick.
  • Roll the hem strip around the black felt and glue end to secure.
  •  Fluff the edges and set aside.
  •  Each petal is individually shaped and curled by .  .  . 
 cupping the center of the petal in the palm of your hand, using the round end of a handle and .  .  . 
 rolling the edges outward to curl using the skewer stick.
  • Attach the petals to the center with hot glue in an evenly spaced circle and .  .  .

  •  then between each petal for .  .  .
 a lovely effect!  Like a poppy flower!
So adorable!
 I also made a flower basically the same way using plaid fabric scraps. For this flower, I rolled a petal for the center and secured with hot glue.
  I used the edge of a scissor blade to curl the petals.

And attached the petals to the rolled petal and .  .  .
 each other.
 This flower turned out really cute, too!

Since I still had quite a bit of fabric leftover from the t-shirt, I made a no-sew duct tape zipper pouch that I attached one of the flowers to. This post is long enough so I will have the tutorial for the pouch in a separate post - stay tuned!

It's really fun making things from clothes, don't you think!

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