Sunday, June 25, 2017

Add a Whimsical Decorative Touch To Your Garden

Add a whimsical decorative touch to your garden by recycling a rubber door mat and cutting a lizard image out of it .  .  . and then cover in stones.  It's a super easy project that anyone can do, super cheap! 

I'm always seeing small lizards in my garden. They are quite helpful in the garden in more ways than one.    They are very beneficial in eating insects and pests that would normally feast on your flowers and plants. And sometimes they are quite amusing to watch - especially when changing colors to match the background while scampering along. I've even named a few since they always seem to be around when I'm in the garden! 

To make, you will need: 
2 bags of stones - Dollar Tree
Thin rubber mat - thrift store/Five Below
Waterproof clear silicone adhesive
Craft/utility scissors
Lizard image/paper/tape/marker

Let's begin by getting an image of a lizard.  I can't draw very well so I found a free lizard image online by googling. Then I went to a wonderful website that enlarges images called and was able to print out an image 27 inches long. 

This lizard image produced four print pages which I taped together and then cut out.

Next,  trace the image on a thin outdoor rubber mat. I was lucky to find one at a thrift store for three dollars, but Five Below also sells them for $5.

Then, fill in any missing lines and  .  .  .

cut out using craft or utility scissors.

Begin gluing on stones using a waterproof outdoor silicone adhesive. I started with the feet first, trying to find black, somewhat round stones for the toes or claws.

Then the tail,
and trunk .  .  .
almost like putting a puzzle together!

The stones have a natural beauty  - ideal for any garden project!

And colorful flowers are the perfect surroundings for this whimsical craft offering a decorative touch to your garden!

An Ode to the Lizard: "On a stone you are a stone with two small, ancient eyes -- eyes of the stone." - Neruda

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Create a Patriotic Korker Bow Turban Twist Headband

Hi everyone!  I'm over on Bowdabrablog today showing you how to create a fun, super easy patriotic korker bow on a matching no-sew t-shirt turban twist headband. Whew! Hope that wasn't too much in one gulp, lol!!!!!

Everyone loves dressing up for a holiday celebration and this is the perfect hair accessory for kids or grown-ups alike to compliment their patriotic outfits. It's a turban style, red, white and blue headband topped with an adorable korker bow that's super cute to wear to any patriotic celebration, including Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Flag Day and even throughout the summer! 

So stop on by Bowdabrablog, where I'm on the design team and check out my easy to follow tutorial.  Why not give it a try and show off your patriotic spirit by making this adorable korker bow turban twist no-sew t-shirt headband! 

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Dollar Store Crafts - Monthly Challenge Blog Hop

It's that time again for our Monthly Challenge Blog Hop!

On the 2nd Monday of each month, a group of talented bloggers share their themed creations for the month, be it Upcycling, family Recipes or Dollar Store Crafts.  This month, it's Dollar Store Crafts, new or old! Everyone loves dollar store crafts so I'm really excited about this one!

It's amazing what can be created with items from the dollar store! Can you imagine making adorable centerpieces of handcrafted foam flowers with crystal-like centers in large salt shaker vases filled with pebbles?

Yes, I can and let me show you how you can, too! 
Gather the following from the Dollar Tree:
  • Large Salt Shakers - 5"
  • Foam Sheets - assorted colors
  • Seed Beads
  • Bag of Pebbles
  • Hot Glue Sticks

You will also need:
  • Floral Wire - 18 gauge
  • Glue Gun
  • 2" Scallop Circle Puncher or create your own circles by hand
  • Scissors
  • Smooth Hot Plate or Iron 
  • Packing foam or bouncy/soft surface
  • Wooden spoon round handle tip

  1. Begin by punching out lots of scallop circles from the foam sheets. If you don't have a puncher, just make a two inch circle pattern with scallop edges. You can count the holes in the shaker tops to see how many you might need.
  2. Then make slits in the circles every two scallop edges, stopping just before center.
  3. Lay the foam circle on a heated plate or iron for a few seconds and

let the edges curl.

4.  Remove and lay on top of foam, pressing tip of handle down in center of circle, twisting to form flower shapes. Repeat to make more.

5.  Next, cut floral wire into 4 and 6 inch lengths.

6. Then, add hot glue to the tip of the wire, swirling the wire around so the glue won't fall off.
7.  Dip the glue tip into the seed beads, swirling it around. You can use your fingers to shape the beads around the wire while it's still in with all the beads to help with not touching the hot glue and getting burn.
*Keep a cup of ice water nearby for touching the hot glue.
8.  Remove and cautiously use your fingers to shape the beads round and let cool.  

9.  Insert opposite wire end into center of foam flower shape, pushing it toward the seed beads.

10.  Add a dab of glue to bottom of beads and press foam flower shape together to form an adorable handcrafted flower.
Love how the seed beads look crystal-like! 
11.  Fill the salt shaker containers with pebbles and screw on tops.

12.  Insert handcrafted foam flowers into top holes, curving the wires and arranging at different heights.

Then stand back and admire your lovely creations!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Create an Adorable Patriotic Bow Ribbon Wreath

Hi everyone!  I'm over on the Bowdabrablog today sharing how I made this adorable Patriotic Bow Ribbon Wreath!  It can be the perfect addition to your Fourth of July celebration, or any red, white, and blue event, proudly showing off your patriotic spirit!

So please stop by and get all the details in my easy to follow tutorial

Have fun and keep crafting!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Celebrate the USA Link Party 2017

We're excited to join with a group of blogging friends to bring you a month long Celebrate the USA Link Party 2017! We'll each be sharing a patriotic post to kick off the party. You're invited to share any patriotic posts (old or new) at the party. Crafts, Party Ideas, Decor, Recipes, and more. It's a celebration of all things Red, White, and Blue! We're happy to have you join the party!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Patriotic Newspaper Tubes Star Candle Holder - DIY

Add a touch of patriotic elegance to your décor with this awesome diy newspaper tubes candle holder or decorative accent piece. It's a super easy recycle project that's inexpensive, costing next to nothing to create, and the best part, you probably have everything on hand to make. 

With little more than newspaper, a skewer stick, glue and paint, you can create a festive decorative item in red, white and blue, that's perfect for any patriotic occasion or nautical themed décor!

Materials Needed:

Skewer Stick
Red/White/Blue Acrylic Paint/Brush
Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Clothespin Clamps
Parchment Paper

Let's begin by folding a full sheet newspaper into four sections horizontally and cutting out on the folds.   Then, open the newspaper strips and place a skewer stick at a right angle on the bottom corner of the paper, as pictured. 

Roll the paper tip over the skewer and continue rolling the paper with fingers and hands pressed down on the surface.

You might have to lift the paper tube as you roll to tighten the tube. Continue rolling until you get close to the end point.  Add a bit of glue to the tip corner and continue rolling to the end and seal.

For this piece, every other tube will be red, white, and blue and I guesstimate will need at least seven tubes for each color plus two extra tubes to make the star, for a total of 23 tubes.* But I always roll a few more tubes, just in case.

To paint the tubes, lay down a sheet of parchment paper to paint on, and group the tubes together to paint.  It was easy to use the palm of my hand to roll the tubes over while painting to cover the tubes completely.  Let dry.

To Make the Star:  The length of one tube was about 21 inches long.  Add glue to one end .  .  .  

and insert another tube to make the length about 42 inches long.   

Next,  fold the longer tube into five pieces, 8 inches long .   .   .

and shape into a star.

Close the two ends of the star by inserting glue to seal.

Apply glue to the inside tubes where they cross each other and clamp together until dry.

Glue on a wrapping tube a little below the star point and let dry.

Begin wrapping around point and straight over to the next point until all five star points are wrapped.   Once all five points are wrapped in the same color, the next color is needed by cutting off old tube at side corner or back to hide the new connection and insert the next color tube. In other words, the red tube is cut off at the last wrapping point and .  .  .

glue is added, and a new, white tube is inserted.

Continue wrapping each of the five star points in new color.  

Continue following the red, white and blue order for the five star points, adding additional tubes as you wrap.

 When all star points have been wrapped many times and it's the last color of order (blue), cut off excess tube and tuck end tube down inside.


Super easy and oh, so unique!

Perfect for any patriotic or nautical themed décor!

I'm joining a group of blogging friends for a month long Celebrate USA Link Party that opens on June 1st.  Pease join us by sharing your all things Red, White and Blue Patriotic Creations!

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