Saturday, February 2, 2013

Deco Mesh in A Valentine Heart

Who doesn't love going to thrift stores?  There is the neatest one near me that is run by hospice volunteers called Chesapeake Treasures.  I try to stop by before holidays just to see the odd assortment of items they decorate the shop with.  The other day I found a woven valentine door wreath made out of small tree branches.

You could tell it was handmade and painted .  .  .  and put together many years ago.  The white paint had started to crack, exposing the original wood branches.  And some of the tiny branches in the back were broken probably from dry rot.  I still couldn't resist the design, and for $3.00, I knew I had something of a unique bargain. The fact that it was handmade sold me.

I still didn't know exactly what I was going to do with it besides hang it on my door.  It really didn't need anything.  It was fine all by itself.  But you know the crafter in me wanted to "add" a little something just to make it more interesting.   Some flowers might work, but what kind would I use?  Too early for spring flowers and red roses are not for me.

I had gotten some deco mesh on clearance from the holiday sales and thought using this along with some chenille stems may not be such a bad idea.

But first, I wanted to trim some of the branches in the heart   .   .  .

                            Doesn't that look better?
I started adding the mesh at the bottom, near the "V" shape, tying and poofing as I moved along the frame.

                 It didn't take long to fill in the heart with deco mesh.
             It really is unusual and makes for a unique valentine wreath.

   It's raining outside right now, but I'm sure to hang it on my front door!!!

Bye for now, and
Take a little time to enjoy!


A Diamond in the Stuff


  1. You are such a creative genius when it comes to that mesh. When I look at it at the store, I just see mesh! Great welcoming addition to the door.

  2. Oh that is one fabulous find Gail! And you knew just what to do with it!! Awesome!

  3. Very cute, you made that heart into something fabulous! Thank for sharing! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  4. Gail, Such a splendid Valentine Wreath! I must also comment on your lamp!! WOW!! I love this look and you provided us with a great tutorial!!
    Thanks Bunches

  5. What a great find Gail! And you dressed it up so perfectly! Just gorgeous!!


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