Monday, February 11, 2013

Beaded Wire Tree in A Cloche

Everything looks so much better under a cloche.  I've never paid any attention to cloches until I read about Marty's Cloche Parties on a Stroll Thru Life.  This is my second time participating.  Everyone has so much fun seeing all the wonderful ideas on how to decorate using cloches.  

I love beaded wire trees. I thought making one to put under a cloche would be the perfect way to highlight this whimsical looking piece. I've made a beaded wire tree before and my tutorial for making one can be found here

For this particular tree, I used five red craft beads on a wire, twisted to form a circle, or using your imagination, red flowers.

Adding a small bird sculpture beside the rock gives the piece more dimension.

Using red accessories - red candles and red ribbon, with the cloche gives everything a joyous atmosphere.

                                  Oh my, excuse the shoes  .   .   . I forgot I had kicked them off!

                                                Very festive! 

What would you put under your cloche?  

Whatever it is, you have an endless array of ideas. So much so, you can end of changing your cloche monthly or even weekly.  The choice is yours. 

One thing is sure, a cloche is a great way to highlight that special object or turn the simplest of things into a look of elegance and sophistication.

Take a little time to enjoy!




  1. Santa brought me a real, genuine cloche for Christmas. I will no longer be using upside down vases and bowls. I have a cloche and I am not afraid to use it. Love yours. I did not know there was a cloche party!?! I will have to fancy mine up (it is presently holding an angel with snowy wings) and give it a post.

  2. So pretty! I adore cloches myself.

  3. Really pretty, love the red under the cloche!

  4. Thats beautiful Gail, you are amazing with your beads!

  5. Very nice! You are so creative and talented. The little bird statue does go well with your tree. I like your candlesticks too!

  6. Love, love, love your cloche. So pretty and the little bird and red beads are so pretty and topped with the perfect bow. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  7. I think your tree is beautiful Gail. It looks fabulous in that cloche. Love the red!!

  8. Your cloche looks like Valentine's Day without the usual cliches.

  9. Love this too! Now you've got me thinking about my cloches...and why are they in a cabinet in my craft room???!!


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