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Decorative Chenille Trim Ribbon Pumpkin


One of the best activity to do this time of year is having fun decorating pumpkins! And you all know that there are upteen thousand ways to decorate a pumpkin, lol! There seems to be no limit in pumpkin creativity! You see them everywhere: fifty ways to decorate a pumpkin or 100 plus creative pumpkin decorating ideas, etc.! I even have my own post on pumpkin theme decorations you can check out here!

 Welcome to this months' Creative Craft Hop hosted by Donna @Modern on Monticello who's filling in for Sara @Birdz of a Feather for a few months. Thank you Donna for keeping this awesome hop going! 

If you're coming over from Jenna @The Painted Apron, isn't her Blooming Pumpkin adorable! Jenna is so creative!

I love that you can use pretty much anything to decorate a pumpkin. And pumpkin decorating doesn't have to be complicated to be lovely and sophisticated. I was inspired to decorate my latest pumpkin from ornaments I previously made using chenille stems as seen here and here

I'm calling this a Decorative Chenille Trim Ribbon Pumpkin!


  • Pumpkin - 12" tall
  • Ribbon 2.5" width, fall plaid pattern
  • Chenille stems 12" orange
  • Fabri-Tac fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
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How to:
I'm using a white pumpkin that I had in my stash. It's a good size, about 12 inches high and a little over 12 inches deep. I got the 50yd roll of wired ribbon on clearance from Sam's earlier this year for $4.88! What a bargain! Begin by leaving the ribbon on the roll, pulling out a couple of feet onto the work surface. Take a chenille stem and fold in half, 

pinching the middle into a point. Then open the stem, curving each side into a petal shape. If you push the point while holding the stem, the sides will automatically curve.
Apply fabri-tac glue along one side of the entire stem and .  .  .
press the point of the chenille stem onto the center of the ribbon - although I was trying to put the point in the middle of the plaid stripe - shaping the stem into a petal while smoothing the stem wire down onto the ribbon. Let dry.
Continue creating as many chenille stem petals as needed and gluing them down onto the ribbon and letting them dry. Once they are thoroughly dry, cut out following the bottom of the stem outline.
Once the stems are cut out, wrap each petal around the glue bottle to shape into a curve.
 To decorate, use straight pins inserted into the bottom of the petals to hold them in place around the pumpkin.
Once the first layer of petals are pinned, 
overlapping the second layer starting at the base of the pumpkin stem.
And then, adding a third layer of petals in between the bottom petals. You can fluff up the petals by pushing the bottom pointed tip up along the pumpkin.
And finally, add a handmade bow tied with an orange chenille stem on top for a 
festive fall look!
An easy and creative contemporary flair pumpkin!

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  1. hi Gail! Your pumpkin is adorable! I love the creative "petals" you made and how they can be bent to style them, so cute! the bow is the perfectly finishing touch! Love it~

  2. Very Clever - what a cute way to doll up a white pumpkin!

  3. You come up with some amazing ideas for us Gail! I love the leaves you created.

  4. Such a great idea with the plaid petals. Very different. Happy Thursday.

  5. Thanks for this great tutorial, Gail!

  6. Gail, your chenille-trimmed pumpkin is so cute and creative!

  7. Loved the Design of the pumpkin. Also visit my power tiller page.

  8. Gail, this is a great idea - and different - for decorating a pumpkin. I didn’t know what you meant by chenille stems. We always call them pipe cleaners! Looks like an easy project.

  9. Wow! Amazing looking pumpkin. And such a simple technique that looks fantastic when put together. I will remember this idea for next year.

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