Thursday, December 17, 2020

Fluffy Chenille Edged Poinsettia Stem


I know you've seen them in all the craft stores like I have - chenille stem edged poinsettias or Christmas flowers. They're a hot and trendy item to use in  holiday decor this year! A beautiful fluffy chenille edged poinsettia stem that  will add elegance and style to any gift wrap, tree, wreath, or garland. 

And if you check online you'll probably find that most of these types of stems are either out of stock or sold out right now! But I'm here to tell you that you can easily make your own in just about any color or fabric and in just a little bit of time! 

So here's how to make one -

Materials used:

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To make a paper poinsettia leaf template, just fold a piece of paper in half and cut out a half of a leaf shape in any length or width you like. In my case - two - one, that's 6"x1"  and the other, 4.5"x3/4" (folded) leaves. Then open the cut out paper and you have your templates! Then attach the templates to the ribbon with pins and cut out. You will need to cut out five large leaves and five small leaves.

Next, add fabric glue along the entire edge of the leaf.
Using the paper template as a guide, pre-shape the chenille stem by pinching the tip in the middle and curving the stem wire along the edges .  .  .
and press the chenille stem down on the glue edged fabric.
For the smaller leaf, you will have excess chenille stem that needs to be cut off.
Once all of the ribbon leaves are edged with chenille stems, cut out a circle from the ribbon using a cap with a 1 3/4" diameter. This size is wide enough to accommodate all of the ends of the five leaves.

As an alternative to using a circle, you can glue on stem wire to the center of each leaf and tape the stem wires together using floral tape to make a poinsettia stem pick instead.
Before gluing on the leaves to the circle, use the glue bottle to gently bend each leaf for dimension.
Then begin gluing on the end of the leaves around the circle .  .  .
until all five are glued on.
Then, start gluing on the smaller leaves between the larger ones .  .  .
to form a beautiful layering of leaves.
Then glue on a sprig of berries to the center to complete the look!
How pretty is this!

And this chenille edged poinsettia blends in so well with most holiday designs, themes, and colors including purple, gold ornaments and bows! 
The purple striped damask leaves adorned with an edge of gorgeous white fluffy chenille and accented with a berry center is truly a lovely piece I created for the holidays and for this month's Creative Craft Blog Hop

Welcome to our monthly Creative Craft Blog Hop created by Chloe @ Celebrate & Decorate and Andrea @ Design Morsels!  I've teamed up with a talented group of creative bloggers to bring you lots of wonderful ideas and inspirations!  

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  1. This is beautiful Gail! I love those fluffy chenille stems and your poinsettia makes a beautiful gift wrap embellishment! Merry December and Christmas to you. ♥

  2. How lovely, Gail! I really like the wintery touch that the chenille border adds. Merry Christmas!

  3. Such a beautiful decorative creation! I haven't seen the chenille trimmed flowers {where have I been?!?!} and aren't you clever to recreate them...such a great tutorial too, thank you Gail, soo soo pretty!

  4. Gail, like Jenna, I must admit I haven't see these in the stores, and I'm really not sure how I missed them.
    But seeing your creation makes me want to make some. I may go with a pink theme if I can find some fabric fabric that speaks to me :)
    Thank you for the instructions.

    Merry Christmas

  5. beautiful poinsettias Gail. The fluffy stems looks fabulous with the fabric. Elegant look for packages or decor. Merry Christmas

  6. What a gorgeous flower! I haven't seen these before. I've pinned it. So pretty!

  7. That's gorgeous Gail and I've not seen these before so thanks for the introduction! Pinned :)

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Gail, regardless of what's inside the package, I'd be delighted to just leave it unopened! Always amazed by your creative ways of incorporating purple shades. We gals and our passions lol! I have so many peacock theme ribbons, you've inspired me to turn some of it into poinsettias! Pinned! I think I'll make that a January project for next season.

  9. I love seeing what purple twists you're going to add every time Gail! Love this one and the chenille is a beautiful touch. Happy Holidays friend, and so lovely crafting with you.

  10. I am so happy you shared this. I am starting to wrap tonight and am so going to do this. Love it.

  11. I am so happy you shared this. I am starting to wrap tonight and am so going to do this. Love it.

  12. Wow I've never seen chenille stems like that. Those look too pretty to unwrap. Thanks for being in the hop this week and Merry Christmas!

  13. Gorgeous gift wrapping and even more beautiful is that the bow is handmade. Another gorgeous poinsettia stem, Gail!

  14. Somehow I missed the chenille edged flowers at the stores, too. The poinsettias you've created are beautiful, Gail! Anyone would be thrilled to receive a gift with one of these on top! You've made me see purple as a Christmas color, too :) Happy Holidays!

  15. Such a beautiful idea! I love the fabric you chose and love what a variety of patterns and colors I could do with this! Thanks for the inspo!

  16. What a lovely gift wrap idea. Beautifully creative. It will so nice on any Christmas present. Merry Christmas.

  17. More of your lovely, beautiful diy flowers! The fabric you used for these is so beautiful, and the furry trim...fantastic! What a lovely way to add a personal touch to gifts! Merry Christmas!


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