Thursday, March 16, 2023

Twisted Rope Container with Top

 Hey everyone! It's time for our monthly creative craft hop and I was thinking about what I might make this month! We all love having small storage containers for our trinkets, knick-knacks and even things like small gems we use in crafting! As a crafter, the best and easiest way is to make our own small containers! And the best part is when you are able to find all the materials already in your home! Hot damn! Imagine finding a bag of rope in your garage! Not just any kind of rope, but one that's satiny with a sheen! Who knew they come this way!

Plus, you only need a couple of items to make this lovely container: twisted rope (this one is 3/8" by 25ft.) and hot glue in addition to incidentals like a circle template, parchment paper and scissors. All basic household supplies!

So let's begin with drawing a 5.5" circle - I wanted a small container to hold my craft gems and five and a half inch is perfect!  Next, place a sheet of parchment paper over the circle. Hot glue won't stick to parchment paper. You can just rub it off after cooling!

Begin by tightly wrapping and gluing the rope in a circle. 
Apply glue to the outer center edge of the rope and continue wrapping and gluing, following the outline of the circle until .  .  .
you are on the circle outline
Make sure you line up the wrapped rope with the circle. Then begin adding hot glue on top of the wrapped rope on the last row to start building up the sides to make the container higher. 

Add glue along the middle of the rope and be sure to cover the entire length of the rope. You don't want any gaps in the sides. 

Do this by adding a bit of glue and smoothing the rope down on top of the previous wrapped rope - making sure the rope is centered and straight on top as you wrap.

Continue adding glue and wrapping the rope around on top of the previous rope until .  .  .
you have reached the desired height. I ended extending the height right above where I began building the sides.

I want to mention that at this point I wrapped a model of the top (without gluing) on the larger 5.5" template with small decorative circles on the bottom and top to make sure I had enough rope to complete the container with a top - which I did.
So I glued on a decorative disc shape along the side cutting off the excess rope. I had to add a bit of glue to the cut off end to keep the rope from raveling. 
Don't you just love how this look!
To make the top, I created a loop in the center of the circle template and continued gluing on and wrapping the rope .  .  . 
around and .  .  .

around until .  .  .

finishing the top with a decorative disc shape like on the side of the container .  .  .
for a lovely polished look!
What a great way to recycle unused fashionable rope from around the house!
How adorable is this to store craft gems!

Perfect to share on this month's  Creative Craft Hop hosted by Sara @Birdz of a Feather If you are visiting from  Niki @Life as a Leo Wife, WELCOME! Wasn't Niki's bunny topiaries gorgeous!

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  1. Leave it to you to make it simple for us to just whip up a pretty basket ~ you're a star!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Gail, each month you amaze me with your creativity--what a clever DIY container!

  3. Gail your crafts always amazes me! I love how it looks. Happy Spring!

  4. Leave it to you Gail to take something so utilitarian and turn it into something beautiful and useful! Even the inside is beautiful lol.

  5. Oh Gail, you make it sound so easy! Your basket is adorable! I love the way you finished each piece by creating a decorative swirl, very clever and cute! Great tip on using parchment paper as a template because the glue will peel right off~ you are a magician with your hands, a bag of rope transformed into a beautiful container!

  6. This is so pretty! I love the decorative additions that you made. You're so talented at making baskets & bins. Pinned. It's great hopping with you!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

  7. This is so clever and cute! You are super talented. I'm afraid I'm all thumbs and would have 3rd degree burns on my fingers! ha! Great Job!!!!!

  8. You found the prettiest rope to make the prettiest container, Gail. I absolutely love the swirl on the top and the side - it gives it such an elegant look!

  9. Wow Gail, I love your container! So clever, and I love the sparkly trinkets inside to boot! I want to try this one, for sure!

  10. This is a really awesome project Gail. You make it look so simple too. I need to try this one out. So glad you are part of the hop this month!

  11. Adorable; and your tutorial is so easy to follow. I am sorry that I know that I don't have any pretty rope like that in my cellar--boring clothesline. BUT, I have a ribbon roll of white satiny cord; I may make the dollhouse people at least a pot, maybe a lidded container!

  12. Gail, great idea and wonderful tutorial. I saw something solar at the Dollar Spot but didn't buy. I think I have rope in the garage. Love this project, especially how you made the top.

  13. What a great job you did Gail with making this pretty basket. Happy crafting.

  14. . I saw something solar at the Dollar Spot but didn't buy chinese buffet near me I think I have rope in the garage.

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