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How To Make An Adorable Patriotic Bow Ribbon Wreath

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Create an adorable patriotic bow ribbon wreath for your red, white and blue celebrations! Show your patriotic pride for all patriotic celebrations with this beautiful red, white and blue bow ribbon wreath. It's a great addition to your celebrations, proudly showing your patriotic spirit! And it's so easy to make using a Mini Bowdabra! So many folks have problems creating gorgeous bows - and you won't believe how easy it is using a Mini Bowdabra!

This handmade wreath features patriotic colors in red, white and blue ribbon. It has nearly thirty yards of four loopy bows made with the Mini Bowdabra. Since the bows are made with the Bowdabra, they are created quickly and attached with hot glue onto the Styrofoam wreath. The wreath has a bow wire loop in the back for easy hanging. You can, however, use the patriotic ribbon bow wreath as a decorative accent table piece. The finished size is sixteen inches in diameter. This charming red, white and blue bow ribbon  wreath is the perfect way to show your patriotic spirit throughout the year. And it’s also perfect for use in a nautical theme setting, too!


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How to:

Begin by measuring and cutting 30" strips of ribbon and sealing with the flame of a lighter. Eleven strips of each red, white and blue color ribbon were cut out for this size wreath. 

Next, pinch the end of a ribbon strip, starting with red and press into the Mini Bowdabra.

Fold ribbon at the 3 inch mark, making a loop, creasing the ribbon down into the Mini Bowdabra

Fold the other side ribbon for a loop at the 3 inch mark.

Make another loop at an angle at the 3 inch mark.

And then do the same on the opposite side for a total of four loops.

Scrunch down the ribbon with the Mini Bowdabra Wand.

While the bow is still in the Mini Bowdabra, thread the bow wire loose ends through the loop, pulling tightly, while gently removing and tying the bow wire at the back into two knots.

Fluff all the loops and then cut off excess wire and hot glue bow onto the foam wreath.

Continue making the four loop bows, alternating colors of red, white and blue and hot gluing in place on the foam wreath.

A total of thirty-three bows were glued on the foam wreath. The bow wire was hidden with the end strip on the bow for a uniform color look. 

Now you can proudly show off your red, white and blue spirit at your next patriotic celebrations!

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