Monday, June 8, 2020

Foam Flower Multi Color Light

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Summer Crafts/Projects!

Have I got a fun summer project for you!  Perfect for outdoor celebrations, cookouts,  and parties! A foam flower multi color light! It's a pretty way to decorate the patio, porch. or outdoor area! Creating a cozy atmosphere by casting lovely soft, calming glows in different colorful hues! You've probably seen huge paper flowers similar to this, as I have, but most don't light up, are attached to electrical lights or use led tea lights. And since I already had a remote control twinkle light set, I wanted to see how cool it would be to create my own smaller version using foam sheets.   

  • Foam Sheets (thin)
  • Electric Griddle/Iron
  • Styrofoam Ball
  • Bubble Ball 4" Glass Vase (Hobby Lobby)
  • Scissors/ruler
  • Hot glue
  • Remote Control multi-color string lights

Let's begin by cutting templates from cardstock in 3, 3.5 and 4 inch squares. Then, cut out five, 3" squares, five, 3.5" squares and nine, 4" squares from 1mm foam sheets.
Create petals by rounding off three of the corners in each square using scissors to form a petal shape with a pointed end.
Then place each petal on a low heat griddle or iron for a few seconds until the edges curl under .  .  .
and immediately place on a styrofoam ball .  .  .
gently stretching the middle and edges over the ball .  .  .
shaping the petal into a rounded .  .  . 
curve shape.
Repeat for the remaining 3" petals.  For the larger 3.5" and 4" petals - when the edges curl under from the heat, turn the petal over before shaping on the styrofoam ball so that the edges are flaring out - like flowers!

Begin shaping the flower by taking the first petal and applying hot glue to the bottom following the v shape.
Turn the bubble vase upside down and lay the top of the petal over the bottom  while securing the petal tip to the side. Continue adding petals, overlapping .  .  
going around the glass until reaching the beginning petal of the first layer.
 Start the second layer of petals not quite midway down with the edges flaring out by staggering the first layer and overlapping while gluing each petal on.
Continue adding petals, overlapping and allowing the petals to lean outward.
For the last layer, place and glue petals so that the tips are hanging over the opening, covering any glass that shows .  .  .
Once done, trim foam even with glass vase opening.
Insert twinkle lights and battery into bottom of flower (vase) .  .  .
and place in a decorative setting .  .  .
 turning lights on using remote control.

Outdoors during the day - the lights are on but you can barely see them. It's been raining in the evening these past few days so I've been unable to take any pictures at night.
But this is how the flower looks inside in the dark! 
 Magical, don't you think!  How cool is this!

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  1. I love this idea. The flower is so attractive and I love it can come in many colors.

  2. Thanks so much, Carol! There's a button to fade from one color to another which is really cool!

  3. This is super fun and turned out amazing. I have done a put a tea light in a flower before, and I have created a garden gazing ball similar - but this is outstanding friend. Wonderful crafting with you.

  4. Thanks, Chas! It's one of those projects that's been on my mind to do! It's always fun getting together with others to create and inspire! Thanks for being a part of this group!

  5. Super creative and so pretty Gail. Love the lights and also you can change colors with the remote. We use lights similar in around our house.

  6. Thanks so much Linda! Yes, I remember you telling us about yours! Aren't they fun to use in so many ways!

  7. What a beautiful conversation piece too! I love it. Pinned.

    1. Yes, never thought that, but you're right! Thanks, Joanne!

  8. You are a foam artist. Lol . I shared to my fb page and pinned. It feels like a perfect zen piece.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing and pinning, Michele! Ooh, never thought about it being a zen piece but that's a great idea! It does give out a calming effect!

  9. Oh so pretty! You always write such good instructions for your projects!

  10. You always wow me with your floral creations. These are completely magic and look awesome! The lighted flowers are brilliant. You make it look so easy, I really want to try this.

  11. Oh my do I like this magical floral light! I bet it's a great conversation piece. Gail, you always come up with the coolest ideas.

  12. W O W ! I definitely need some foam flowers in my life. This is gorgeous! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  13. I love your 'signature curved petals!' It's still amazing to me how you make them using heat. Your project looks awesome! Pinned.

  14. OMG, this is so cool! My daughter is going to nuts over this, now I just need to get some foam sheets, everything else we already have!

  15. I love this. It is such a great idea and so beautiful. Found you at "To Grandma House" link party.

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