Tuesday, June 9, 2020

DIY Twine Wrapped Tin Can and Top

It's fun to recycle/upcycle ordinary household items like tin cans that you've rescued from trash, especially in these trying times!  I created this diy twine wrapped tin can and top especially for FaveCrafts' "Entry for Stay Home and Craft Challenge."  A big "Thank You" goes out to everyone who voted for my entry! I won third prize of a $50 Amazon gift card! I truly appreciate your sweet comments and votes!

I love collecting tin cans and finding new ways to re-use them! It's unbelievable all the things you can make using cans. Some very useful and decorative, like this twine wrapped can with top! Perfect to hold or store craft supplies - or whatever you want! It's all hidden with the top! And the best part, you probably have everything you need to make one!

  • Tin can
  • Cotton twine - asst. colors
  • Tacky glue
  • Large styrofoam ball 
  • Clingwrap
  • Scissors/pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Round wooden ball/ super glue for top
  • Clear plastic sheet/flower pattern

  • Start with a clean can free of dirt and grime. Make sure there are no sharp edges, too!

  • Smear on a generous amount of tacky glue just under the top lip edge and begin wrapping twine around the can.
  • Push the twine rows together and tight. Apply additional glue along the way while wrapping until reaching the end. 
  • Cut off excess twine making sure the end is secure with glue.
  • For the top Measure across the opening (4") and take a large styrofooam ball (I had half a ball) that fits just inside the top. Make sure it sits straight and level. Then draw a pencil line around ball where top of can meets. 
  • Next, wrap the ball in plastic wrap, securing it at bottom and then place a dollop of tacky glue on the center top.  Place end of twine in glue and begin wrapping tightly around styrofoam. 
  • Continue wrapping twine around the styrofoam, adding tacky glue to twine as you wrap. Be sure to keep the rows straight and together until reaching the pencil line. Cut off excess twine and secure with additional glue. Let dry. 
  • For a decorative look, cut lengths of colorful twine, measuring across top, end to end. Slather a line of tacky glue across top and place twine down on the glue, smoothing it down for a good connection.  
  • Continue adding glue and lengths of twine along the top, evenly spaced until the area is covered in twine lines.
  • Next, add glue across the twine in a slanted pattern at the center top. 
  • Continue placing glue and pieces of twine down and across the first lines until the top is covered in a criss-cross design. Let dry.
  • Measure around the base of the can and top, adding a few extra inches for overlap to braid the twine. For this, I cut off three strands of three colors of twine  to braid.
  • Once braided, saturate the twine with tacky glue where it starts and ends around the top base and can bottom so the braid won't unravel when cut. Let dry.  Glue on the braid at the base of top  and also on the base of the can.

  • Then loosen plastic wrap from styrofoam and remove top. Cut off excess twine strings around the base.
The criss-cross design on top really creates a beautiful effect!
  • Wrap a wood ball with twine starting in the center the same way as the top and let dry.

  • Glue wrapped ball on top with super glue or a permanent quick drying glue.

  • To add a decorative twine flower, take a simple flower paper pattern and place under a clear plastic sheet. Add a generous amount of glue around the petal shape (on plastic). Cut strips of twine and form petal shapes in the glue.
  • Continue alternating twine colors and glue together, around the petal until filled in. 
  • Repeat for each petal and let dry.
  • Remove petals from plastic.
  •  Glue petals on twine wrapped can in a flower design.
  • For flower center, add glue to the end of a eight inch piece of twine and begin swirling around in place until satisfied with a round shape. Place in center of petals on top of a dab of glue and let dry.  Ta da, it's done! 

A super decorative storage solution!


  1. Que buena idea la tapa, me ha encantado la lata pero la tapa me ha parecido una gran idea. Lo has hecho con imaginaciĆ³n y el resultado es sorprendente y genial.
    Me alegra mucha tu premio.

    1. Thank you so much, Lola! The design of the top is quite unusual and I'm glad you like it! Continue to stay safe my friend!

  2. Gail,
    This is just darling!! Great idea! Thanks so much for stopping by!! The outdoor carpet does have a bit of a purple tint to it, matching the cushions on my chairs in the Patio..Joe actually picked it out, telling me over the phone that it was brown!! LOL!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  3. Another awesome craft idea, Gail. So pretty and would look great in my office! I like that it's a budget-friendly home decor idea too.

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  5. This is so cool. I loved the way you made the lid for it. It's very pretty and clever. Thanks for showing us how to do it. Congratulations on your prize!

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