Thursday, August 15, 2019

DIY Fringe Bowl

Have you noticed fringe is everywhere - not just for fall - in home decor these days - furniture, pillows, rugs, accents and especially wall hangings!  Adding fringe to decorative items is a great way of changing or introducing a new look for any season! 

One way could be to use jute twine to coil into a bowl and then add a cool handmade fringe around the top edge! That would be so cool!

Here's how:
Start with a plastic bowl for shaping. I got this one at Target for 79 cents!
 And wrap it in strips of parchment paper instead of plastic wrap that will sometimes stick or melt and make the inside finish shiny.
 Then add fabric glue to the end of a large roll of jute twine (don't cut) and begin twirling it in a tight coil circle.
Place the coiled twine circle on top of the parchment covered bowl and continue adding fabric glue as you twirl the twine around.  

Add lines of glue along the twine as you are coiling it around the bowl base,  making sure to keep the twine even and the circle flat.
Continue coiling and gluing the twine around the bowl, holding the twine firmly in place as you are waiting for the glue to dry (a few seconds) until reaching the end of the bowl.
To finish, cut the twine at an angle, adding a bit of glue, while blending and smoothing into the edge. Gently remove plastic bowl from coiled twine bowl.
Seal the bowl with a coat of mod podge to make the fibers stronger and to control the jute twine threads. 
To make the fringe,  wrap a piece of jute twine around the edge of the finished bowl, overlapping the ends and cut off.  Measure the height of the side of the bowl (8") and begin  cutting eight inch strips of twine.  Then take each twine piece and fold in half forming a loop on one end.

Make a lark's head knot by placing the loop over the long piece of twine. 

With the loop hanging down over the twine, pull the two twine strands through the loop around the twine, pulling strands tight into a knot. 
Continue making larks head knots around the twine .  .  .
until twine is completely covered.
Unravel the twine strands and fluff using a comb or stiff brush. Attach fringe to edge of bowl using fabric glue or a strong glue made for fabric. Use clothespins to hold in place until glue is completely dry.

Back View

You can still insert the plastic bowl back in to use with food or wet items. 
It's a perfect fit!

What a fun way to add a decorative look using fringe!

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  1. Un trabajo de mucha paciencia que tú has hecho de forma pulcra y magistral con un resultado muy original.

  2. You are so very talented, Gail. This looks amazing. Have you ever considered opening an Etsy shop?

    1. Hey Brandi! Thanks so much! No, I just like making crafts. I loved that you stopped by! There're some bloggers I've been missing and you're one of them!

  3. I have a fringed bowl from a friend - created in another country and your post reminds me so much of it. What a great project and Target find on that bowl for shaping. I think I need one for future projects!

  4. Wow, that is beautiful!! Very professional Gail! I did link a simple craft to the party, thank you!

  5. This is awesome, Gail! So creative, and fun! Perfect addition to a featured display, or center of a coffee table. I have chosen this as one of my features for this week's Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party, which goes lives Saturday at 5pm EST.


  6. Wow, this is awesome and so creative, Gail! Love the boho vibe of your fringed bowl too. Thanks for sharing it with us at the Talk Of The Town Party 😊

  7. Gail,
    I love this basket. I thought those figs were real. Congrats, you are being featured on Over The Moon Party.
    Have a great week.

  8. Be still my boho beating heart. I can't believe how easy it was and how beautiful it turned out Gail. WOW!!!

  9. Gail I am so in love with this basket! I'm featuring on Wednesday's Happy Fall Link Party Features. Drop by!

  10. This is so beautiful! I’ll try making the same by using a disposable bowl. Thanks for sharing this post!


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