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Update Watering Can with Waterslide Decal

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Today, I'm sharing how I transformed this dainty looking watering can I found at the Goodwill for 99 cents! My kind of bargain! The watering can was originally a pale lavender color with rough, scraped splotches! I don't know if the previous owner had tried to give it an aged, rustic look by scraping the paint off in places or what. I just know that it was not very pretty despite the fact that I love most things in purple shades! I couldn't resist this one! Woo-hoo!
The first thing I did was to sponge on two coats of white chalk paint, letting it dry between coats! The interior was already a dark brown color that was in good shape, but I went over it anyway with an outdoor acrylic paint in a similar shade to freshen it up a bit.  
In case you've never heard of waterslide decals, it's an easy way to transfer images and text using a special paper that you place in water and then slide the image onto almost any type of smooth surface.   And the waterslide decal paper comes in clear or white backgrounds and is available to use in inkjet or laserjet printers, too! 
Next, I had to find an image that I liked on the pngtree image site and then added the "Grow with Love" wording and sized it in Word to fit the can! I printed out the image as is, and not a mirror image, on the glossy side of the decal paper. Then used the rim of a glass (so I could see the edges) to draw a circle around the image .  .  .
to cut out!
 Once the decal is cut out, place it in a bowl of water and leave in for 30 seconds (according to paper manufacture instructions.)
Next, wet the surface where you plan on placing the decal with a small amount of water - this will help move the image easily to find the perfect spot. Then take the decal out of the water. 
  Next, press the decal on the surface spot and gradually SLIDE the paper backing from the translucent layer. You can see that I originally did not center the image as seen in the photo. 
Luckily, I was able to "slide" it over to center under the open design.  
Use a paper towel to remove the excess water and any wrinkles, smoothing the image from the middle out!
And finally, let the decal dry naturally for 3-4 hours. There was nothing in the directions that mentioned sealing the Sunnyscopa decals. It just said the surface gets stronger with time and to hand wash only.
 What an easy and simple way to transform this thrift store watering can into a work of beauty with a hand-painted look using waterslide decal! 

Imagine the possibilities to customize and make your own designed items and gifts!
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  1. This looks lovely, Gail. I haven't seen waterslide decals, but it looks like a great item to try out.

  2. How cute is that, and I love the colors and beautiful flowers. Lovely work and thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the way you crafted the watering can to look so pretty Gail. You did a great job!

  4. That’s really cute. That waterslide decal is great!

  5. What a pretty decal. The watering can is adorable.

  6. Such a pretty watering can, Gail! I love how you pounced the paint to give it texture. I've never heard of waterslide decals and I'm very intrigued.

  7. Very pretty. I love taking thrift store items and giving them new life. Your watering can makes for very pretty decor. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  8. Como nueva y mucho mรกs bonita ❗❗❗

  9. Gail,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words in regards to the passing of my dear nephew. It is greatly appreciated...
    I love this sweet little sprinkler!


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