Friday, July 5, 2019

Bead and Wire Wrapped Glass Jar

Have I got a fun bead project for you! I know you've seen those wire wrapped jars in all the home decor stores! I even found a small one in the Dollar Tree! Can you imagine that! The wrapped wire is a take-off of the jute twine fishermen knot on mason jars that's so popular. Only there are no knots - the wire is twisted instead. Anyway, I thought it cool to combine the two - beads and wire - and create a bead and wire wrapped glass jar! It's truly whimsy!

Materials needed:
Glass Jar
Wire - 20-22 gauge
Faceted beads - 12mm, 8mm
Wire Cutter
Nylon Jaw Pliers

Let's start by measuring the wire around the mouth area of the jar .  .  .
to string assorted 12 mm faceted beads on with a bit of extra wire to wrap ends together a few times. Once the beads are threaded on, secure the ends by twisting together and cutting off excess wire.

For this size jar, there are 26 beads strung on the wire around it and so I placed the folded wire every two beads - for 13 strips of wire. The jar is 6 inches tall and I thought cutting 20 inch lengths of wire would be enough to end the wrapping just under the jar, but it was not. So I would suggest cutting the wire four times the height of the jar. I'm sure there must be a mathematical way to solve this but that would surely give me a headache if I tried. Lol!

So, cut thirteen pieces of wire more than long enough to end just under the jar. Then place each piece, every two beads - by placing one wire over the beaded wire with both ends even together. Twist wire together at top about six times. 
Next, slide a smaller 8mm bead on each twisted wire to the top and spread  open the wires to keep the bead from falling down.  Do this for all thirteen wires. For the next row, grab one wire from the right bead side and one from the opposite left bead side, pulling down and forming a triangle to twist the wires together. Then slide a bead onto the twisted wire area. 
Continue to take opposite sided wire, pulling down to form a triangle and twisting wires together, and then sliding bead on, row by row.

If needed, nylon pliers will help smooth any wrinkles out of wire as you wrap.

I mentioned earlier that I did not have enough wire to finish wrapping the jar, so near the bottom I added a 8 mm bead and then a teardrop bead with the hole in the top. The wire was then threaded through the hole at the top to secure, and then twisted together at the back, cutting off excess wire. 
 The teardrop beads hang down for a finished look.
Oh, and did I tell you this jar had a top that .  .  .
I glued on a crystal bead for a handle! 
So Cool!
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  1. What a pretty way to dress up the glass jar, Gail. It would be a pretty candy dish.

  2. This came out quite pretty! It would be awesome done on a candle jar.

  3. Your jar is so pretty, Gail! Would be a lovely gift with a candle inside or someone's favorite treats.

  4. That is such a pretty jar! I love how you used the hanging beads to finish it off at the end. Thanks so much for sharing with us at the Summer Fun party. Pinned.

  5. Love it! And right up my alley! Pinning!

  6. How very patient you are! It looks stunning, almost like a piece of macrame art. Pinning!

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