Monday, May 13, 2019

Crepe Paper Anemone Flowers DIY

Welcome again to our Monthly Challenge Blog Hop! I've joined a group of creative bloggers to bring you a themed monthly challenge blog hop on the 2nd Monday of each month! This month the challenge is to upcycle cardboard, paper or wood.  
For this challenge, I'm sharing a tutorial on making anemone flowers using crepe paper. But before we get to the tutorial, lets talk anemone flower!
The anemone flower is quite fascinating and it comes in a variety of colors including different shades of purple! Woohoo!!  
They're such beautiful flowers, but do you know what the meaning of the anemone flower is? I sure didn't!  The flower symbolizes: protection against evil and ill wishes. Forsaken or forgotten love and affection. Anticipation and excitement on something in the future. Also, protection against disease and illness among a few other interesting topics. And legend has it that when the anemone closes its petals, it's a signal that rain is approaching. Boy, that's a whole lotta different symbols or meanings for one flower, but I do think that there's so much evil and ill wishes in the world today, that we all need some anemone flowers in our lives!

Now on to the tute! To make the anemone flower in crepe paper, let's begin by gathering some materials:
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • 16 gauge floral stem wire, 26 gauge floral wire, and floral tape
  • Tacky glue/fabric glue
  • Black crepe paper roll
  • Black stamen
  • Asst. colors crepe paper sheets
  • Anemone petal pattern (cardstock)
First, cut pieces of foil into 3 or 4 inch squares and squish together to form 1/2" balls that will be the center of the flowers.
Next, pierce the center of the foil ball with the tip of the scissor blade to make a tiny hole. Fold the stem wire in half, squeezing wire together, and dip ends into glue and insert into foil ball. Let dry.

Then, cut a strip of black crepe paper from the roll (enough that fit around the ball) and spread tacky glue all over it. Place the ball stem in the center of the crepe paper and .  .  .
wrap the crepe paper around it, twisting and ending the paper around the top of the floral stem to connect.

Next, lay several loose stamen at the base of the center ball and wrap floral wire around to hold in place.  Fold the opposite side of the stamen up and continue wrapping with wire. Add more stamen around the base of ball, wrapping with wire until satisfied with look. 

Cut a narrow strip of black crepe paper and place tacky glue on one end. Wrap the strip around the base covering wire. Add additional glue to paper while wrapping to strip end to secure.

For the petal pattern, cut a 2.5"x 1.5" rectangle from cardstock. Fold in half and cut out a half petal shape, as shown. Next, cut a 3" strip the length of the crepe paper, making sure the grain of the paper is vertical before cutting. Fold the crepe paper strip a little larger than the width of the folded petal, and then fold it over and over at least 10-12 times. Place the pattern on top of the folded crepe paper on the fold and .  .  .
cut out! You should then have lots of crepe paper petals!
Stretch the center of the petals with your thumbs to form a cup-like shape, curving the bottom end tip back. Then ruffle the top edges with your fingers.
Do this for all the petals. Each flower needs at least five petals.
To form the flower, add a bit of fabric glue to the end tip of the petal and place at the bottom of the center ball, smoothing out.

Continue gluing on petals, slightly overlapping.

Once all the petals are glued on, wrap the stem wire starting at the top with floral tape. And then, you're done! Yay!

Have fun making several anemone flowers in different crepe paper colors!
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  1. Your bouquet is beautiful! Thank you for the step by step directions to make these lovely anemones! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


  2. These are lovely, Gail. I had no idea about the symbolic meanings of anemone flowers. As always, your tutorial is great!

  3. One of the coolest paper flower tutorials I've seen. Pinned.

  4. Wow those turned out amazing! You always surprise me with your talents!

  5. These flowers are gorgeous. What a great tutorial to follow and I love the purple. I always have extra crepe paper from the kids birthdays and now I know what to do with it.

  6. I love the little history you added to the post. We can certainly due with less evil and ill wishes! The flowers are beautiful. I would be swooning over them everyday. I pinned to my upcycle board and my paper crafting board.

  7. These are so pretty, your ability to make such realistic paper flowers always amazes me! I've probably mentioned it before but my nan was a big fan of making flowers with crepe paper, growing up we had bunches of daffodils and tulips that she had made all over the place, so every time I see yours it makes me think of her :-)

  8. Que preciosidad de flores Gail ,me han gustado muchísimo ,gracias por compartir !!!!!!!!

  9. Your crepe paper buttercups are so pretty, Gail. I plant anemone every summer both the white and purple varieties. Yours look like the real thing! Thanks for sharing them at the Talk Of The Town party 😊

  10. Nice anemones, Gail! And great tutorial, too! Thanks for sharing at HG!

  11. hi Gail, these paper flowers are so pretty. I so admire your creativity and patience. Thank you for continuing to share your lovely crafts at the renamed link party, Love your Creativity on Sunday.


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