Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Purple Jute Spoon Flower

I try to be very selective when I pin a craft and not go willy-nilly pinning everything I come across. After all, I truly like what I pin and am very interested in trying to make a version of it one day.  Everyday I look at my stats on Blogger to see which of my posts are popular and I noticed anything I made with jute, twine or burlap continues to have the highest pageviews.  So naturally I'm always looking for interesting crafts that uses these materials. 

I came across this video sometime ago on Pinterest that actually uses a spoon to make twine petals to form a flower. Amazing! There is no talking - I believe it's foreign and I was fascinated watching the video. I knew I had to try making it one day! That day has come, and the best part, I had everything I needed to make one in my stash!

Jute Spoon Flower
  • Colorful twine
  • Aileene's Tacky Glue
  • Spoon
  • Plastic craft tweezers
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Parchment paper
  • Floral stem wire and tape
I'm using what's call a soup spoon, but you can use any size spoon you like! Just keep in mind, the bigger the spoon, the bigger the flower and vice versa. 

First, spread a generous amount of tacky glue around the edge of the spoon bowl. Then take the end of twine and place it on the bottom center of the back of the spoon bowl where the handle meets and hold it in place with your finger. Begin wrapping the twine around the edge of the spoon .  .  .

adding tacky glue on the spoon as you wrap. Use plastic tweezers to keep the twine rows together and flatten them down into the glue.

Continue wrapping the twine around and adding glue to the spoon until it is completely covered. Cut off excess twine when you reach the center. Dab extra glue to center twine to hold down.  Then, wait a few minutes for glue and twine to set up.

Next, lift wrapped twine petal from spoon being careful to keep it together. 

Lay the petal on parchment paper to dry with the spoon touching side facing up. Make several more petals - five to six per flower.  I thought I could make lots of petals to make more than one flower, but found making petals to be quite time consuming. Unfortunately, I had several projects going on at the same time so one flower is all I could do at the time. 
Make a small pom pom with yarn for the flower center - by wrapping yarn around two of your fingers .  .  .
and tying it off with a small piece of yarn .  .  .
then cutting the loops in half.
Fluff and shape pom pom. Attach with hot glue to floral stem wire that is folded in half together and wrapped with floral tape.
To form the flower, add hot glue to base of petal and squeeze together like a scoop and let dry.

Once all the petals are formed, begin hot gluing on, one by one, to the floral stem wire and bottom of the pom pom. 
Make sure the bottom sides of the petals are touching and glued together as you add each petal .  .  .
until the flower is formed.
Makes for quite a unique and fabulous look, don't you think! Now to make lots more!
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  1. How neat. Love the technique and the pretty flower that you make. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very pretty flower. What pretty purple and great tutorial to make a flower.

  3. This purple color is to die for! I would have never thought you made the petals on a spoon! Super cool!

  4. How clever! I thought at first that you'd stuck the twine on plastic spoons, I didn't realise you'd removed them and just used the spoon as a mould. So so clever!
    It's funny, I don't know it's a lost in translation thing but here in the UK we call those spoons dessert spoons, here a soup spoon is much rounder. pretty much an exact circle.

  5. I love the fact that you are not afraid to take on the most unique and possibly time consuming crafts. The end result is just beautiful. I love this!

  6. That is very unique! I've never seen anything quite like it!

  7. That does make for a cute and unique flower! What a clever idea. Pinned.

  8. I love the creative crafts you come up with all the time Gail! The flower is really pretty.
    Have a nice week and a happy Easter.

  9. Very pretty Gail! Maybe it could be used in an Easter bonnet!

  10. Such a unique idea! Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering, and hope to see you each week!

  11. Great directions and clear photos. I think I could do this!! Love how the jute so easily lifts off the spoon when it is dry. Really pretty project.

    I am the same way about what I pin. There are so many great projects but I don't pin just anything. For example, I don't knit or crochet so I don't pin even the best ideas for those needle crafts.

  12. I cannot believe you were able to sculpt this beauty from mere twine. It turned out beautiful and the purple adds so much to your pretty flower Gail.

  13. Neat idea. I'm in awe that you used a real spoon. I pinned it to my DIY Flower board lady.

  14. So creative! This would be a good summer craft to do with teens and decorate their room too.


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