Monday, April 15, 2019

Decorative Rope Vase

Shhhh! I have to tell you a little secret about me you may not know! Whenever I see craft items in purple - especially if they're cheap, I will buy them! Oh yes!  Did you guess that? Needless to say, I have lots of purple craft items in 
my stash! Including purple rope cord! I don't see rope in purple very often, so I had to snatched it up - with not a clue as to what to do with it - until now! You might also guess that I like to wrap things - presentsribbon, jars, etc., to name a few! And now a vase!

I got the idea of making a vase from wrapping plastic eggs. Sometimes ideas just hit you! Bam!!! 

Here's what I came up with using materials from my stash:

  • Purple rope cord
  • Cling wrap
  • Metal bowls (small)
  • Fabri-tac (fix) fabric glue
  • Magic marker/plastic tweezers

1. Cover two small metal bowls (Dollar Tree) with cling wrap, smoothing and tucking ends under. Then mark in the same place on the plastic wrap bowls where you want to stop wrapping the rope.

2.  Place a generous amount of fabric glue on the center outside bottom of bowl and begin twirling the rope around the bowl. Apply fabric glue along the base of the rope as you wrap.

3.  Continue wrapping the rope and adding glue, following the outline of the bowl. 

4.  Be sure to wrap the rope as close together as possible, while keeping the rows evenly pushed together.  Stop wrapping where marked, cutting rope at an angle to blend in and adding glue to secure to previous row.

5.  Let rope dry on bowl for at least an hour or two even though the glue is a quick dry before removing from bowl.

6.  Gently remove cling wrap from rope.

 7. For the second bowl,  allow space for the vase opening before beginning to wrap the bowl as before as with the first bowl. Only this time, cut rope end at an angle first, glue down and start twirling around bowl, blending in with the next row.

8.  Continue wrapping and gluing as before, ending where marked. Let dry and remove the rope from metal bowl. 

9.  To connect the two rope bowls together for the vase - place the open bowl on top of the closed bowl, adjusting fit, then apply a generous amount of fabric glue around the top edge of the closed bowl.

10.  Place the open bowl on top, adjusting fit and using plastic tweezers to pinch the two bowls together. holding in place for a few seconds to secure as you move around the edges.

11.  Let the vase dry completely for at least a few hours or more. Clean up any areas where there might be excess glue showing.

  What an adorable handcrafted decorative rope vase!

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  1. A nice way to make a colourful accent piece for your home. - Margy

  2. Very pretty Gail! Gotta love that quick drying glue! FYI - the link in the linkup isn't working.

  3. I would have never guessed how this started out, Gail. It's such a clever idea and it looks great!

  4. You buy purple craft supplies - shocker!! It's always a good idea to pick things up when you see them, you just never know when they will be just perfect for a craft idea - like this for example! Brilliant.

  5. So inspiring... Would look great using white/natural rope to create a farmhouse or coastal look! Thanks for linking on Homestyle Gathering!

  6. I luv the purple, it's so bright and springy! I'd luv to invite you to share it with us at Wall to Wall DIY Wednesday, which runs Wednesdays-Mondays. Hope you'll stop by!

  7. I love the cardigan, it is beautiful. You did a wonderful job on it.

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