Thursday, May 24, 2018

Decoupage Hanging Wall Rack with Scroll Style Hooks


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For me, it's hard at times to find something you really want to transform at the thrift store. I have to limit myself to small items since I don't have the space or desire to tackle large projects.  I've struck out many times trying to find something and then I've gotten stuff and had no idea what I would do with them. That's how I felt when I came across wall hooks for a dollar! Who could resist these for one dollar each?

So I bought all six of them! Greedy me! As for what I was going to do with them, I didn't have a clue. Maybe a wall hanging rack? Well, yes! But there's something about a plain hanging rack - a painted piece of wood with hooks - that just didn't appeal to me. And I really don't have space for a rack that would hold all six hooks. After looking around a bit, I came across a small pallet-like design of wood slats at Michaels. Perfect for a small space - right beside my kitchen - a place where I can hang kitchen towels or maybe an apron or decorative items. And instead of painting  the wood, I would decoupage it with colorful napkins. 

I've had these adorable napkins for sometime and have been waiting to decoupage them onto a piece! Love, love, love the flower pattern and all the complimentary colors, including my favorite, purple! 

Let's begin by separating the layers of the 3 ply napkin at the corner to remove the pattern layer.
Next, generously paint matt finish Mod Podge over the entire board. I chose to leave the wood unfinished since the napkin colors complimented the look, but in hindsight I should have painted on a layer of white paint just over the area where the napkins go to help let the napkin's true colors show through.

 After painting on the Mod Podge, lay the napkin down over the wood, matching edges to smooth out. I cut open a plastic ziplock bag and use it to smooth out the napkin - removing any visible wrinkles. You can also use cling wrap, but I like the sturdiness of the plastic bag better. The napkin isn't wide enough to cover the entire board, so you'll have to add an additional napkin to cover the entire piece.
Once you've smooth out the napkins, let dry completely and then paint on another coat of Mod Podge and let dry.
Once the Mod Podge has dried, cut away the excess napkin between the slats and then use sand paper to remove any napkin paper from all of the edges.

I'm so loving this look!

 To attach the scroll hooks (which I kept black), line up two on the wood, evenly spaced and insert drywall anchors first (for additional weight strength) through the center opening on the hook and then add the screws.
The rack is now functional, versatile and oh so, eye-catching!

Sorry about the lighting in these pics. I just couldn't eliminate the light coming in from the windows.

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  1. Cute as can be Gail. The decoupage adds so much. Lovely inspiration with the repurposing.

  2. Precioso perchero el que has hecho con pocos elementos, pero con un gran resultado.

  3. I love that decoupage technique. Nice job

  4. What a wonderful idea to use the napkins. It’s beautiful. It makes a great decoration. Great find on the hooks.

  5. What a great idea! I like the custom look the decoupage added!

  6. This is so pretty. I love the decoupage with the napkins. Plus it looks like it will be so handy.

  7. Un perchero bellísimo y muy original !! le felicito y gracias por el tutorial !!!!!

  8. I love this technique with the napkins it really turned out so pretty and functional. Awesome job.

  9. The decoupage method is so creative. The rack looks great, and functional. What a re-purpose!
    Stephanie @

  10. I love how this turned out Gail. I've not decoupaged anything in a while. Those hooks are really adorable and I would have bought them all too! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Gail this is a very clever upcycle. I think adding the decoupaged napkins in the back really makes it stand out.


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