Friday, March 24, 2017

DIY Crepe Paper Wrapped Wire Spring and Easter Centerpiece

Welcome the spring season and Easter holiday with an easy to make inexpensive crepe paper wrapped floral wire centerpiece. It's shaped like an egg and elegantly topped and grounded with colorful pansies.  And it's the perfect way to decorate for any spring get-together.  And guess what? You can make this adorable centerpiece for under five dollars! And that makes for a huge conversation starter at any spring celebration! Imagine the design possibilities!

Materials used:
Crepe paper streamer rolls  2 for $1 (dollar store) 
Floral wire - 16 gauge pkg.  $1.99
Mod Podge glue
Paint brush
Pansies (faux)
Hot glue gun
Bowl for shaping stems

Begin by dabbing mod podge on the end of a strip of crepe paper and wrapping it around floral wire, starting at the tip. 

The entire length of the wire has to be covered with crepe paper several times, so I found it easy to first dip a brush into mod podge and brush it off on the wire while wrapping the crepe paper around.

 Once the wire is covered, brush the paper with the glue and continue wrapping to the end and back again. The crepe paper is very forgiving. You can thicken the stems with the paper by folding  and crunching the paper together as you wrap.  You will need to wrapped the wire several times to make a thick stem.  Be careful not to soak the paper with mod podge or it will tear easily. If that happens, just seal the end with glue and start again from there.  Wrap eight stems.

Once satisfied with the thickness of the stems, let dry completely.  Then arrange in a clockwise position. I originally cut out a two inch cardboard circle and hot glued the stems in place. 

Then I placed a bowl on top and shape the wire over and up the bowl (sorry I didn't take a picture of this.)  I removed the bowl and hot glued the stem tips together, one at a time, clockwise. 
Once the hot glue cooled, I cut off the cardboard between the stems (I didn't like how it looked) and left a small round portion on the bottom. Then wrapped more crepe paper around each stem where the cardboard showed. I also glued strips of crepe paper around and between where the top stems came together.  

And finally, arrange pansies on top and bottom for a sophisticated decorative spring look!

Simply lovely!

Thanks for stopping by

and take a little time to enjoy -

Happy Spring Crafting!


  1. So so pretty Gail. Those flowers are gorgeous and the wire spring looks so elegant. No one would guess it was just plain floral wire.

  2. So pretty! The yellow and purple look lovely together! Pinning!! :-)

  3. That is so pretty Gail! I love the bright yellow with the flowers. Perfect for Easter and spring.

  4. I really like the way this looks - of course I do love pansies, but the yellow wire egg looks perfect with them.

  5. Gail, this is so pretty! What a great tutorial, too. I love how you can take simple items and have a vision for turning them into something fabulous! Pinning.

    1. Thanks, Beverly! I try my best to make unique things for a small price!

  6. That's beautiful, Gail. What a lovely Springtime centerpiece. I love the yellow with the pansies too!
    Happy Spring!

    1. Thanks, Cecilia! Spring if definitely in the air with this!

  7. Oh goodness, that is so sweet and so perfect for Easter. Love the yellow, you clever woman...

  8. Gail, This is really pretty!! I love the yellow with the purple! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity! Pinned.

  9. Gail, i'm so excited to see you back at the party! I love how this turned out. Look for your feature this Thursday night at Shoestring Elegance
    Blessings and hugs,

  10. I love this! What a cute idea for a centerpiece! Thank you for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

  11. Hi, Gail, I had to drop by and thank you for stopping by our party! I LOVE your projects! They are always super original! Hope you are having a great Spring season! Your friend, Linda @Crafts a la mode

  12. This is beautiful, Gail. We'll be featuring your centerpiece at today's Snickerdoodle. Hope to see you there!

  13. What an absolutely lovely spring centerpiece Gail! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Dishing It & Digging It & congratulations on being featured this week!

  14. So pretty, I love the flowers and the colours. I couldn't believe you made it with floral wire!

  15. That is so pretty and I just love the flowers you chose to accent the "egg." Pinned.


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