Monday, December 14, 2015

Folded Ribbon Wreath Ornament

I had so many holiday crafts that I wanted to make this season but time has run out for me.  My hubby and I are leaving for Aruba tuesday morning - meeting up with friends to spend time together, celebrate a couple of birthdays and other life happenings.
We won't be back until just before Christmas so this is my last project I'll be posting before the big day.

Plaid ribbon is so pretty and is a huge part of this season's holiday décor.  I just had to make something using plaid and I wish I could have found a ribbon in a festive purple plaid but no such luck.  Folded ribbon crafts are popular too, usually done in lovely pine cones, eggs and cone trees.

Here's an easy way to use folded ribbon, applying the technique to a cardboard shaped wreath ornament.

First thing you need to do is cut out a cardboard circle in the shape of a wreath.  I traced the mouth of a plastic cup that was 3" in diameter and then drew another circle 1/2" in and cut out. 

Next, cut out two different ribbons in the same length as the width of the ribbon.  I'm using 2.5" wide ribbon, so I cut out 2.5" ribbon squares. I cut out more than needed, but only 14 red and 7 plaid for this size.

Fold the red ribbon square, matching points, dab a little glue on (I used Fabri-tac glue) and .  .  .

fold again, dabbing a little more glue between.  Don't worry about the uneven edges - at least I didn't.
Dab a bit of glue on the bottom edges of the ribbon and begin gluing on the folded triangles at the outer edge of the circle, with bottom side points meeting until .  .  .

the outer edge is covered.

Next, glue on the plaid triangles between, and slightly lower than two red ones until .  .  .

you're completely covered on that row.

For the last row, begin gluing the red triangle directly below the first red row and between and below the plaid row. In other words, the red triangles should line up and if you had space for more of the plaid, they should line up too.  Since this is the last row, make sure placement is also on the edge of the cardboard.

Once all the ribbon triangles are attached, embellishments such as bows or berries can now be added.
A hanger can also be glued on the back.

 I love how this shows the ribbon folds at an angle and that it's not laying flat.

So pretty!

Have Fun  


Keep Crafting!

I'm wishing you Joy, Love and Peace this holiday season.  Be kind to one another and have a Very Merry Christmas!


  1. very lovely ribbon wreath! I like it as much as the lei one - now I can have two kinds of wreaths on my tree!

  2. This is so pretty! I always have ribbon laying around and this would be easy for me to make. Thanks for sharing your tutorial on the ornament exchange.

  3. This ornament is precious. I love the plaid.

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