Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dollar Tree Mesh Tube Christmas Trees

OMG!  Imagine my surprise when I saw packages of mesh tubing, silver bells and chenille stems at Dollar Tree. I always had in mind to see how mesh tubing would work on cone shaped trees but didn't want to buy more of anything mesh since I had plenty of the regular kind and had really fallen out of interest in using it. But for a dollar, how could I go wrong.  And then I saw regular little bells - in packages of 50 and 25, depending on the size.  Wow, bells are not cheap in craft stores! And hanging next to them - glitter chenille stems!  Say what you want about the Dollar Tree but it's becoming my go to store for lots of craft items!

And I don't think you can make an easier holiday project using these items. here's how:

First, roll poster board (also from Dollar Tree) into a cone .  .  .

cutting off excess (side and bottom) to even out and taping side edges.

Secure end of mesh tube on bottom edge with hot glue, and begin twirling tube around cone, pushing the mesh tube down as you wrap.  Hot glue tube in place every few wraps.  *Mesh tube has a pattern of its' own so be sure to let the tube "relax" to its shape as you are wrapping the cone without stretching it.

You can tighten the top area when reaching and glue in place to finish.

I painted the next cone silver since you might be able to see between the tubing and wrapped it the same way.

Once the cone is wrapped with the mesh tubing, take a chenille stem and fold it into six points to make a star.  I know, a star has five points but you need an extra one to glue onto the top of the cone.

Pinch together each point and begin shaping chenille around to form a star.

Once you have the star shape, wrap the last two chenille pieces together to form a straight side. Make another, and glue the two together at the points for a fuller look.

Hot glue stars on top of the cones.

For the green tube tree, string bells on a string and .  .  .

wrapped them around the cone by tacking the ends on using a needle and thread.

Not bad for a few dollars!

Take a little time to enjoy


Happy Holiday Crafting!


  1. I already have the supplies at home so I have no reason not to make this-Thank You My Dear. Merry Christmas- Denise

  2. Very cute and easy with is a winner in my book!

  3. Your trees look great! Thank you for linking up to the Holidays Celebration Link Party! Your post has been pinned to the party's Pinterest board (

  4. How cute! What a great idea. I was just at the dollar store looking at these and wondering what I could make from them. It looks like I know what I can do. Thanks for sharing this fun craft.

  5. You always come up with the cutest craft ideas Gail! I love these!

  6. these mesh tube trees are beautiful! so simple and easy to make and cheap!! Love the jingle bell one!

  7. Fun trees, so creative, love to find things easy to make!
    Thanks for linking on
    Happy Holidays!

  8. And after Christmas comes Valentine.... etc.... Gail my mind is kicking in. Thanks

  9. Ooh! Have never seen that tubing and my brain is spinning with potential ideas. Love your cone trees, esp that bold string of bells!

  10. Gail, your cone trees are pretty. Never saw the mesh tubing at my Dollar Tree. I'll have to look for it next time I shop there.


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