Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dollar Tree Gladiolus and Vinca Self-Sowers

I just have to share my photos of the DT gladiolus and vinca self- sowers growing in my garden.

I got two packs of 6 purple gladiolus bulbs from DollarTree back in the spring and planted them.  The vinca plants reseeded themselves from last year. They're growing almost where I planted them before and they also found new spots all over the garden. 

The gladiolus stalks, just before blooming.

See the little vinca plants growing everywhere.

I'm going to put some in hanging pots to see how they do.

Oops!  All of the gladiolus were suppose to be purple - but this glorious color popped up!
She's a queen among the royal purple!

Gorgeous colors and shading!

Some folks say not to waste your time with buying flower bulbs from the dollar store.  But I'm here to tell you to take a chance on spending that dollar.
I'm having an amazing time watching these flowers grow. 
And isn't that what gardening is all about? 

Take a little time to enjoy


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  1. Wow Gail! Your gladiolus is absolutely beautiful, and the vinca is lovely too. Gardening is just full of surprises like that pinky peachy flower. That's what makes gardening fun, and all the work worthwhile. Enjoy!

  2. Your garden is so pretty, Gail! I love glads too. I don't have much luck with them growing in my yard though so I have to buy the stems from the grocery store.

  3. Those were worth the dollar spent on them, Gail! So pretty. I love vinca, they are happy flowers and do well almost anywhere. I haven't planted any in awhile - I need to do so. Hope you have a wonderful week!


  4. Very pretty! I wish my plants would grow up big and pretty. Thanks for sharing on Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  5. Your vincas are so pretty. I, too, bought some glads from Dollar Tree. They are almost ready to bloom. I'm so pleased. I love flowers but I'm also very frugal when buying them.

  6. Thank you for bringing some joy and colour into my day. I love the pics. Thank you for sharing with us at #anythingGoes linkup and see you next week!

  7. that is just terrific that they are blooming so nicely and for only a dollar!

  8. Gorgeous flowers them! And I would love to know more about those metal cat tails...those are wonderful too...Did you make those yourself?


  9. You have a lovely garden, my friend. Thank you for sharing your sweet pictures with us at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  10. ohhhhhh duh me.....I planted a TON of bulbs and all the gladiolus just fell over, I was so sad. So I see now, I need to some cool stakes for the little bloomers!! That's a great idea too, you will know for sure where they are planted for next year lol!

  11. Bought glad bulbs several years ago at our dollar store in Calif. They have bloomed year after year. Really beautiful and amazing!


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