Friday, November 28, 2014

Rustic & Chic Jute Twine Flowers on Glass Ornaments

Looking for a rustic but chic look for Christmas décor?  Have I got a simple idea for you!  How about making some easy jute twine flowers, adding a rhinestone to the center and attaching them to flat disc glass ornaments.

Here's how its' done:

1.  Cut thirteen, 4 inch strips of jute twine.

2.   Hot glue ends of twine together and cut out a 1 inch burlap or felt circle.

 3.  Hot glue loops in the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions onto the circle.

4.  Glue additional loops in between for a total of eight loops.

5.  Glue remaining five loops on top as shown.

6.  Glue rhinestone in center and then .  .  .

7. Glue flower onto center of glass disc ornament.   How pretty!

  .  .  .  and add one to the back if you like.
 It's so easy to make different designs using jute twine.
 I cut varied lengths of twine, glued onto burlap disc and then braided strings of twine and glued that around the stone.

 These are really super sweet homespun ornaments suitable for any holiday décor!
 Take a little time to enjoy
Happy Holiday Crafting!


  1. Those little decorations are adorable, Gail!

  2. I always love the combination of rustic with some bling. These look great!

  3. Oh, nice! I'm thinking of all sorts of ways to use these flowers. Hmmm....I'm thinking of a garland or glued to Kleenex boxes or all sorts of things! Fun.

    Oh, I've mailed the should get them soon!

  4. As always, another masterpiece created by you!

  5. Aww this looks beautiful, such a creative idea :)

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays

  6. so pretty, I hope you do a post showing everything together, your Jute christmas must be looking so pretty

  7. Missed these while I was on vacation! Love the and the variety of shapes you can get.

  8. Gail I love your pretty twine flower ornaments. I've pinned it onto our DIY Sunday Showcase Talent Board!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  9. Loving the twine flowers. Thank you for sharing the tutorial with Make It Monday.

  10. Stopping in from Merry Monday. These are precious!! I usually look at DIY ornament tutorials and start feeling lazy... I actually feel like I could do this one! And it's cute to boot. Woo!

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