Saturday, November 22, 2014

Loopy Jute Twine Garland With Bells

I must first apologize to anyone who crochets or knits for this craft project I'm about to share with you.  I admire anyone who possesses that skill.  My late mother-in-law tried to teach me years ago but I just couldn't pick it up.

I was in a fabric store recently and there was a video showing how to finger crochet or knit.  I often get the two techniques confused.  Anyway, while looking at the video, a light bulb went on in a weird sort of way for me to try to make a garland out of twine using a slipknot. I know, a slipknot!

After getting home, I pulled out my very large roll of jute twine and started making slipknots.  I first tied a knot on one end and then basically tied a knot to form a loop and continued tying knots with loops. This sounds a bit cray cray, but a cute little pattern of loops was forming and I liked how it was looking.

Sorry, some of the pictures are blurry, but it's hard taking photos with one hand and trying to keep it steady.  Here's what I did:

First make a loop .  .  .

and with your right fingers push the twine through the loop and out creating a knot with a loop. Or what some might call a slipknot .  .  .

and tighten.

Once you've made the first slipknot(with loop) continue making another slipknot with a loop using your fingers.

Keep tying knots and forming loops  .  .  . see the resulting pattern of loops?

How cute!

 I could go on and on and on making these .  .  . 

The spacing between the loops can be tighten by adjusting the loop.  Slipknots can easily be pulled out so once I was satisfied with the look, I added a drop of fabric glue to the knots and let dry.

And then I thought to tie (using threads from burlap scraps) red bells to the garland to make it festive!

Look how rustic and pretty it looks!

What do you think?

Loopy, loops - jingle bells, jingle, jingle!

I call this very rustic and hand made!
 This would be perfect to use with country, rustic, or woodland decor for the holidays!

And it goes great with my Jute and Pinecone Flower Tree.

Take a little time to enjoy
Happy Holiday Crafting!

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  1. This is so adorable. I love it.

  2. That is really cute and those jingle bells really stand out against the jute. My MIL tried to teach me to crochet and I was hopeless. She finally got up her nerve to tell me I should give up! I still wish I could, but find it so frustrating! I do think I could make your jingle bell garland successfully though!

  3. This is so cute. I just don't like to crochet or knit.....I tried both and I am like a turtle at it....kinda feral too. I leave the yarn stitching to my sisters. I love this idea and am pinning. The red bells add that perfect sparkle! Cheers

  4. Needed a rustic garland - this one could be used all year. I love the jingle bells and think I might use some rusty ones I have. Love the tree, too!

  5. I love your loopy jingle bells garland! It's so pretty and so unique and creative!

  6. Gail,
    I adore your loopy jute twine garland, dear one!!!
    The red "jingle' bells are a perfect accent against the jute!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I love even more the second time around - thanks for bringing it over to Make It Monday.

  8. Wow! Awesome! You better try to patent that one! I mean it! It's better than crochet. Love it, but can't do it. I can barely tie a regular knot. Super cute! I saw you on Donna's page for Make it Monday. Awesome! I'll be follwoing you for sure.

  9. Oh I love it, that's such a pretty idea. Don't apologise to knitters, you rock!

  10. This is such a beautiful and elegant garland!!! I never imagined twine can make elegant Christmas decor. Wow!! I love this one.

  11. This is so beautifully rustic and elegant at the same time. The red of the bells is so pretty with the twine. Mel is right, you rock!

  12. This is really so cute and creative. Thanks for sharing...Christine

  13. This is sooo pretty!! I love it!! <3

  14. These is sooo cute! How amazing are you!
    Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  15. I really, really like this! Very Rudolph without being too cutesy. Thanks so much for linking up at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

    Sarah (Sadie Seasongoods)

  16. Hi Gail :) Thank You so much for My Christmas exchange gift.I was so surprised that was paired with a blogger who like Me loves purples and lavenders.The ornaments were so nice,pretty and well done.I loved them and each will look so pretty on My tree this Year.I also the Your garland You made.It looks perfect.I have been following You already for a long long time and was pleasantly surprised to see You were My "secret Santa". Denise OOXX

  17. I meant to say...... I also love.......

  18. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing this at the Say G'Day link up. I am pinning this to the Say G'Day Saturday board right now.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  19. What a great idea for a garland. Thank you for sharing at The Southern Special.

  20. It does not look like you just learned the art. It's very pretty.
    Thank you for linking up at WUW!

    Hugs from party co-host,

  21. This is just the cutest garland ever!! The red bells look perfect with the jute twine! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Your Turn To Shine! Featuring you tomorrow and hope you come back and link up with us again!
    Kendra @

  22. This garland is so cute, Gail. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  23. Such a sweet garland. I think I'm going to start working towards all hand made Christmas decorations for next year.

  24. This is an adorable Christmas project.


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