Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine Foam Hearts Mirror Stand

I spent Superbowl day visiting craft stores.  What fun was that!  I found a few things that I needed to replenish and some things I bought just because.  One of my just because things was a heart shaped wooden mirror stand.  I got that just because it was a dollar.  Hot dang!  Just imagine what you could do with this.  And with Valentines Day just days away, here what I made.

Yes, I painted the wood purple and added red foam hearts around the shape.
Here's how:

This is really cool for $1. at AC Moore, and then when I looked at the back, you can remove the mirror and replace it with a photo!  Be still my heart!

Anyway, I painted the frame purple, but in my excitement, forgot to take a picture. 

Next, using a top of a medicine container, I cut out a circle for a pattern from a sheet of red foam.  *Please excuse the lighting in the photos.  It's a rainy and gloomy day.

 And then cut a swirl or spiral pattern in the circle foam, free handed.  It doesn't matter if you aren't straight.

 Next,  begin rolling from the pointed cut end.
 Some, like to glue the beginning end down, but why take the time. The flower will stay together.
 Continue rolling until you reach the end.
 And now you can glue that end portion down, which becomes the flower base.

 I made 18 flowers and glued them around the shape of the heart mirror frame.

Such a pretty addition for Valentines.

I can't decide if I will remove the mirror and add a sentimental saying like

give . . .

Quick, simple and very inexpensive!
Take a little time to enjoy
Happy Crafting!



  1. Very Cute Gail! I've always wondered how to make those little flowers. Very good tutorial.

  2. Oh that is pretty my daughter would love that in her room all year round

  3. That is really pretty and the "just because" things are the most fun!

  4. Leave the mirror, give it as a gift with "This is the person I love" on it. Seriously, Gail, you need to be teaching classes at the craft stores.

  5. How cute is this. I love it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. Love this!!! Pinned and wanted to thank you for sharing at Share it Sunday. Look forward to seeing you again there next time.

  7. This is so pretty Gail! I've always loved purple and red together. I think it's kind of regal. It would look great with a photo in it too.

  8. The roses are perfect! I love the combination of red and purple. It's gorgeous.


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