Saturday, February 8, 2014

Foil Flowers Wall Decor

I finally decided how I would hide the clips I used for the ornament wall tree I made for Christmas. I previously had a very large picture hanging there but I don't think it would have covered all the clips.  The command clips are easy to remove but I don't want to go through using a level to hang them again next Christmas.  Besides, I wanted a change for that area.  Something new and different. 

 I remember seeing a video by Aileen's (tacky glue) daughter, Eco Heidi, on how to make pretty wall art (butterflies) that has the look of metal.  It was a simple technique that transformed kitchen aluminum foil into the look of burnished metal.  I liked the idea, but wanted something bold and colorful.  Like a wall of flowers.  I decided to cut out different sizes of flowers from foam board and add an embossing effect with jute rope to emphasize the petals. Then cover and glue the shape with foil and paint them different hues of purple, including the 2014 color of the year, radiant orchid or something like it.

Here's a picture tutorial on how I did it:

Using foam board, Styrofoam, foam, tops and cardboard circles for the flower centers, jute rope, hot glue, Aileen's tacky glue,  heavy duty aluminum foil, exacto knife, foam brushes, scissors, acrylic paints and liquid gloss varnish.

1. & 2.   I made my own flower patterns using round objects such as plates, tops and plastic cups on the foam board and cutting them out using an exacto knife.  I realized that the first flower I made looked rather strange or wonky with just four petals and a hole in the middle. I made sure the rest had five or six petals and no holes.

3.   I glued the bottom of a top to the center for this flower.  I liked the look of using Styrofoam balls cut in half and slightly flattened best. For one, I glued on small bead balls to the Styrofoam for added texture. 

4.   The jute rope was cut into strips and hot glued on.

5.   It's best to make as many flowers at one time since this project can be very time consuming, depending on how many flowers you want to have.

6. & 7. Tacky glue was used to keep the foil on and smoothed out first by hand, and then with a plastic spoon.

8.  Excess foil was trimmed away.

9.  The remaining foil was glued to the back and smoothed down, too.

10.  The facing foil was smoothed down again, especially around the edges with the back of a plastic spoon and allowed to dry.

11.  The flowers were painted with different types of acrylic paints I had on hand.  Coverage was better with the metallics  and some of the cheaper brands, believe it or not.  And in some areas, the foil peeked through, adding to the texture.  I learned to be careful handling the flowers after the paint dried. Adhesion was not that great on foil.

I painted on a liquid glossy varnish to add sheen and protection to the paint and finish. It was too cold outside to do any spray painting with a primer or sealer.

12.  I randomly placed the finished flowers on the wall.  Adding more as they were made or needed.

For this project I used five sheets of foam board from the dollar store and I had most of the paint on hand.  I think it cost less than ten dollars to make the flower wall décor. I worked off and on for about three weeks, starting just after the holidays and between vacation and getting sick.  

 I hung the light weight flowers using the same clips and adding a few more in different spots.

Art work can be so expensive and it's difficult finding exactly what you want.

Getting creative is always the best way to go!

I love, love, love the look and feel this gives the room!

With pops of my favorite colors added to a stark white wall . . .

. . and especially complimenting the area rugs that are in place.

There's lots of light coming in from the windows and sliding door that adds to the awesome atmosphere this wall décor has created!

Take a little time to enjoy


Happy Crafting!

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  1. Such pretty decoration! Love the color combination!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. Gail, you are so talented at placement of color, size, and scale. Love the addition of the flower art to your room.

  3. Love this idea and when you want to change things up a bit you can hang them from a string and have a gorgeous wind chime thats noiseless....ok, PIN'ing this for my use!

  4. Oh my gosh! I was intrigued by the first picture and thought these were smaller. I love that they are big and make a big statement!! Aleene's should be sending you some free stuff!

  5. Clever clever clever! It looks beautiful and I would contact aleenes if I was you :)

  6. This is such a brilliant idea! Love the variations in colour and size. What a great way to keep the clips up for next Christmas.

  7. Just curious, if you were going to paint them what was the point of the foil? Wouldn't painting be easier with it?

    1. I thought the foil (along with the jute twine) gave the flowers an embossed look which is usually that of metal using black paint. I wanted the look but in my favorite shades of purple. I couldn't have gotten that without the foil and just by painting the flowers.

  8. I really like your tutoriak, definitely will try this one. Thanks for sharing :)

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