Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentine Safety Pins & Beads Necklace

Thought I would publish this guest post that I did last year for the Inspiration Café.  I love jewelry made out of safety pins.  It makes for a very "hip" statement.  Today's jewelry is all about making a statement.  And by using safety pins in jewelry or fashion you can make a really big statement.  It's entirely up to you and your designs.  

I love crafting and am always trying to come up with a new version of what has already been done. As in life, what goes around, comes around, or what's old is new again.  For this post I want to show you my take on a .  .  .

Valentine Safety Pins and Beads Necklace
Just about everyone has seen some sort of jewelry made out of safety pins.   You can find lots of choices on the net.  I think beaded safety pin jewelry is an easy way to personalize a holiday such as Valentine’s Day.  How cute it would be to dress up for your sweetie wearing something made by you for that special occasion.  You can pick out the exact color of beads you want to match your outfit or go with the traditional red, pink and white beads like I did.

 For this necklace, you will need:

·        1 Large Safety Pin
·        2 Medium Safety Pins
·        4 Small Safety Pins
·        40 Assorted smaller beads
·        18 Large beads
·        1 elastic cord approximately 30 inches long - you can cut later to fit

The dollar store carries a pkg of 175 asst. safety pins. This would cost $8.99 at a craft or fabric store.

1.      Arrange the safety pins on your work surface with the largest pin between the two medium pins, with two small pins beside the medium pins.

 2.      Starting with the largest pin, open and arrange the beads how you would like them to look, centering one of the large beads between the smaller beads. Put on as many beads possible (I used 8) and close the pin.

 3.     Place 6 small beads on each of the two medium beads, making them identical.  I used a slightly larger bead in the center of the five remaining beads for these pins. 

4.     Place 5 small beads on each of the four small pins making them identical.

5.     Make sure your pins are arranged in the exact order as stated in #1.

6.     Thread the cord with three of the large beads, next, pass the cord through the hole on the end of the small safety pin, thread two more large beads, one small pin, two large beads, one medium pin, two large beads, one large pin, etc., continuing in the arranged order until you have strung all of the large beads and pins.

 7.     Tie a knot on each end of the cord, or for a more finished look, attach a short chain on each end of the knotted cord and add a clasp.  Ta Da! You're done! 

Making your own variation with different beads, this safety pins and beads necklace is a great signature piece for any Valentine Festivities!

I want to thank Danni and the Inspiration Cafe Team for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to do a guest post.  They are truly awesome!

Take a little time to enjoy,


  1. Oh that's pretty I need to show my Elizabeth this here and her friends would love safety pin bling

  2. Oh I remember when you first did this! I think it's pretty and I had not seen a necklace before...just bracelets!

  3. I love the use of the safety pins. It makes this necklace a unique piece.

  4. Amazing, the combination of selected perfect beads and beautiful colours has resulted into a masterpiece. As a lifelong admirer and designer of navajo beads and Native American jewellery, your blogs inspires my creativity. Keep sharing these amazing beautiful blogs.


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