Sunday, January 12, 2014

Burlap Woven Heart Basket

I'm going back to the days when I was a cub scout leader and had the boys make paper woven baskets for their moms or school-age crushes for Valentines Day. This is a classic paper or felt craft made during the holidays especially Christmas, Valentines and Easter.  It is super easy to do. I wanted to try one in my usual "go to and trendy" fabric:  burlap.  This time, instead of applying mod podge to the burlap like I did here, I tried using Heat n Bond Ultra Hold for a cleaner, sturdier and fray free look.  Sorry, it didn't work for me.  Following directions, I applied the heat n bond to one layer of burlap, cut out the pattern and tried ironing the burlap to the heat bonded burlap (one side worked) and it wouldn't stick together permanently. One layer opened on the edges no matter how much or how little heat I applied.  I ended up gluing the two pieces I had together with mod podge.

Lets just start from this point.  I made a free-hand pattern approximately 17 inches long using ideas from this helpful site.  Like I said, I applied the heat n bond to the red and white burlap and cut out the pattern. Then I cut out separate pieces of each red and white burlap and tried ironing the two together. Since the burlap heat n bond pieces wouldn't stay together, after cutting out both patterns, I glued them together with mod podge.

I folded each burlap piece in half and placed the red on top of the white one to get that "heart" shape. 

Next, with a pencil, I lightly drew three inside lines equally spaced and cut along the lines.

To start weaving, I laid the burlap patterns as shown and took the first white loop into (through) the open red loop and around the next red loop and into (through) the open red loop and around the last red loop.  Hope this isn't confusing.  You are basically weaving in and out with each row starting the opposite way.
Once done, move that first finished row up some to start weaving the next row loops.
The next row is done the opposite with the white loop going around the first red loop and through the next red loop and around the third red loop and through the fourth and final red loop in that row.
Gently pushing the two completed rows up and starting the third white loop like you did the first, weaving through and around the red loops until you finish that row.
Again, gently push your three completed rows up and start the final row and white loop opposite of the last one, going around the red loop and through the next, etc. until you've completed that row, gently easing and pushing the rows up toward the end of the cuts.  Ta Da!

Your finished woven heart looks stunning! 

To make sure you've woven it correctly, open it to look inside.  Think of all the wonderful items you can put there.

I barely had enough red burlap left to cut two 12 inch strips of the heat bonded burlap and glued them together for a handle. 

You can also use ribbon to make a handle by gluing the ends to the inside of the heart basket.

Once the handle is dry, you can fill the heart with flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals or even jewelry for that special occasion.

This burlap woven heart basket is 10 x 9 inches (not including the handle) - which is  really a good size to accommodate lots of things.  You can make it smaller or even larger if you want.   I glued plastic red hearts on the outside as a special touch. 

I'm really loving how this woven basket turned out.  Burlap is so much better than paper or felt.  And oh, imagine making one as a "Flower Basket" to be used in a wedding.  How cute would that be!  There are so many possibilities!

Take a little time to enjoy


Happy Crafting!



  1. Hi Gail, I love this heart that you made, so pretty and perfect for valentine's day. I saw it on creative mondays.
    Julie @ Julie's Lifestyle

  2. Love this heart basket Gail! What a great technique for weaving the burlap together. The red beads add that perfect finishing touch.

  3. That is so cute. I haven't made those woven hearts in years. We used to do them out of paper rather than fabric. I love them and am happy to see them again. I had kind of forgotten how to make them. Thanks- xo Diana

  4. Not sure what planet I have been living on...but I have never seen this method of making a heart..never! I think it's clever and it figures it came from scouting! Your little basket is so cute Gail! I pinned it so I can give it a try in some form when I'm not so crazy busy on the reno! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Oh the kids used to make paper ones at school but it's so pretty in the burlap

  6. Very pretty Gail! the heat n bond make the burlap look almost like linen.

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  8. Muchas gracias por el tutorial, es un corazón precioso y lo has explicado muy detalladamente. Un abrazo desde Barcelona

  9. What a great design. I love the alternating of colors.


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