Monday, July 29, 2013

Zinnias - What a Delight!

Zinnias - What a Delight!

This is a re-post on zinnias that I did last year. I had few views with this one and I thought garden lovers would appreciate reading about the lovely zinnias that grow in my yard for the "Blooming Marvelous" series.  They're back this year .  .  but not as pretty.  I love them still!

Zinnias are gorgeous flowers that are beautifying my rock garden right now. They were grown from seed and are loving the hot weather.
The flower comes in varied colors and numerous varieties . . . unfortunately I didn't save the package describing which ones I have.

Zinnia flower has large and intense blooms which give a cheerful look to any garden or a yard.

Zinnia, appears in many different varieties from a single row of petals to a dome-shaped flower, with colors like yellow, red, white, chartreuse, purple, and lilac. Mine are different shades of purple and green.   The leaves of the plant are opposite and are mostly found without a stalk with a shape that varies from ovate to linear and the colors varies from pale green to bright mid green! 

  So, with this zinnia flower information, I'm sure you would want to plant a few in your yard next time considering the little maintenance they require.  In doing so, spread love and affection with zinnias .  .   .   . or any flower, for that matter.  Enjoy!     
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  1. I was so disappointed this year my zinnia did not come back. I planted several packets of seeds a few years ago. Each summer as the blooms were spent I was careful to "help" them reseed. Maybe we had such a warm winter they did not get to rest enough, but they never sprouted. Yours are gorgeous! great photography, too!

    Do you name your flowers like I name my painted items?

    Distressed Donna Down Home

    P.S. I am still loving that starfish bowl!

  2. They're just beautiful I love zinnias, thanks or linking Gail and for sharing your beautiful flowers

  3. Your Zinnias are gorgeous! I usually plant 3 to 5 bulbs every year with the intent of digging up the bulbs after our first frost to store them for next year.....but every year I just leave them...and buy new. This year I only planted one, in a pot.

    Yours are looking amazing....wish I lived in a southern zone....and those cat tail wood stakes? Those are so cool!

  4. Your Zinnias are so lovely Gail! I haven't planted Zinnias in years... maybe next year. Your close up pics are amazing!!

  5. Your close-up views of the zinnias really bring out the beauty, especially the symmetry of its petals-of your flowers.

  6. Yes, great close up shots of these little beauties!

  7. Thanks for re-posting these great photos of your zinnias...the flowers AND the photos are just great and amazing. I put out some zinnia seeds a week or so ago to hopefully take the place of the petunias in the front urns that have "given up the ghost" in the hot afternoon sun of late summer. They are already popping up...they will be fun to watch develop and hopefully bloom before the frost gets them.


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