Monday, March 18, 2013

Stacked Easter Bunny Boxes

Isn't this the cutest stack of Easter bunny boxes?
I was inspired to make this when I saw some on ebay here

But wow! The price was $59.50 + shipping, and is way too expensive for something like that to buy online.  After all, it's just a set of stacked paper mache boxes filled with ? ? ? goodies, decorated as a bunny. Soooo, the crafting in me said it was very easy to make.

My How-To is more or less a Pictorial Tutorial with a few comments along the way:

  •  You take three graduated paper mache boxes and paint them white. 

I used a primer, white craft paint and pearl white metallic craft paint as a final coat.

  • Next, I drew the ears, hands and feet on paper for patterns and sized them against each box to make sure they would fit and not interfere with the tops or closing.

  • After cutting out the patterns in white fleece, I hand basted with small stitches (not blanket) the ears, turned them right side out and inserted florist wire stems into each ear. I cut the wire a little shorter so I could fold the end fabric inside the ear. Doing this made it easier to hot glue the standing ears to the top.  I then fabric glued cutout pink felt to the middle of each ear.

  • I did the same type of stitching with the hands and feet, leaving a space to turn inside out and stitch closed.

  • After stitching the feet and before closing, I inserted poly fiber to plump up the feet a bit and then fabric glued the pink felt toes and pads to the feet.

  • I cut out a "overall bib" from a paper copy of easter print I found online. Mod podged it to the box, adding two buttons and a glittered egg as decoration.

  • Google eyes and whiskers (cut florist wire dipped in white craft paint) were glued for the face.  Pom poms were used for the nose (pink), mouth/cheeks and tail (white).

                     Easy to put together, from top to bottom.

This is so adorable and I think it costs me around $7.00 to make and fill depending on what I had on hand. The stacked boxes costs the most, but still reasonable using a coupon from Michaels.

This stacked Easter Bunny Boxes can be an alternative to use instead of the traditional Easter basket.  And, just for a moment, I wish I had a "little one" to give it to.

Have a Happy and Crafty Easter!

Take a little time to enjoy,




  1. Oh your's is so much cuter! What a great project Gail! Love the little overalls too! Awesomeness!

  2. That is absolutely one of the cutest Easter projects I've ever seen, and yours is so much nicer than the expensive one. Love it Gail!!

  3. You are so creative and clever! I think even I would be able to do that...thanks for the step by step. Following from the I Gotta Try Blog Hop!

  4. OMGoodness!! So cute!! Thank you so much for linking up to "it's a Spring thing" Pinning this :)

  5. how very cute love it
    come visit us at

  6. He's precious!
    What fun! and what a great tutorial!

  7. Your darling bunny turned out way cuter than the store one!

  8. Super cute! Don't forget to link up to The DIY'ers!

  9. This is ADORABLE!!!!!!!! You did a GREAT job. So cute!!! XO, Pinky

  10. Way to go Gail. Why pay when you can make something that looks even better. I would definitely pick yours over the store bought. Great detailed tutorial too.

    Anita aka Nit

  11. OK...this is one of the cutest ideas I have ever seen!!!!! Just think how much more fun this would be for kids to get instead of the standard Easter basket!!! And they could be customized for adults with adult "goodies" on the inside! :-) Very creative! I'm not much of a crafter (absolutely no patience coursing anywhere through my veins!), but I love to see what others create! I'm going to recommend this post to my friend who has 4 grandchildren and loves to craft! I think she'll get a kick out of it!

  12. Gail you are so darn smart! I wouldn't even imagine how to re-create those, but when you show how to do it- it makes sense. You are definitely a true crafter!

  13. Oh this is darling Gail!! How clever! Thanks for sharing your awesomeness at project inspired! Pinning this to our group linky party pinboard :D

  14. Too cute! Thank you for linking up at Crafty Thursday Obsessions. Hope to see you again this week
    -Stacey @gluedtomycrafts

  15. oh this little box bunny is totally adorable! and you could fill the boxes with anything and leave him out year round!

  16. Oh my! Your bunny is sooooo cute! This is such a clever idea!

  17. I made 2 of these for my granddaughters to put their gifts in this coming Easter. I couldn't get the ears to stay upright even though I put an oval piece of foam core in the bottom before hot gluing to the lid..also, curled wire. Then as I was looking for a solution one came to mind and works beautifully. Took an ice pick and poked a hole up through the inside bottom of the lid into the ears. Then put floral wire in, bent the top, inside the ear, bent the bottom in an L shape and duct taped it to the inside bottom of the lid. Works beautifully! I love your bunnies, hope my girls love mine. Thanks!

  18. But wow! The price was $59.50 + shipping, and is way too expensive for something like that to buy online. After all, it's just a set of stacked paper mache boxes filled with ? ? ? goodies, decorated as a bunny. Soooo, the crafting in me said it was very easy to make.


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