Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Mantel

This is a recap of my spring mantel that I did last year. I didn't keep it up very long and I loved seeing the butterflies, faux forsythias and soothing yellows.    I created this look because I wanted something light and airy with a nature theme.  I was inspired by a butterfly stand I had gotten on clearance for $9.99 at Pier1.  At the time I didn't know what I was going to do with it.  It wasn't purple and really didn't "go" with anything in my home.  I just couldn't pass up the bargain price since it was originally $39.99. 

Thinking about ideas to decorate the mantel, I decided on a "butterfly theme" for spring.  I simple cut out butterfly shapes I found on the internet onto poster board and glued yellow printed paper on top.  I made the butterflies in three different shapes and folded them in the middle as if they were "flying". 


I stuck them on and around the mantel randomly using glue dots.

Adding faux forsythias and a boxwood kept to the light and airy theme.

And of course, I love the natural light shinning through the windows!

It's been a cold and harsh winter and all the yellow and butterflies really brightens the atmosphere in my home while uplifting my spirits.

Until next time  .   .

Take a little time to enjoy!



  1. Gail that is an awesomely springy mantel! I kind of like your new butterfly..even if it's not purple!

  2. I love your mantle, it looks straight off the cover of a magazine. Beautiful!

  3. When the Pier One butterfly caught my eye on your March 3 post, I was hoping you'd tell us its back story. It may not be purple, but it's eye-catching, nevertheless. Could it be "Purple-ized" with paint/glitter, etc.? Your new butterflies are a cute addition.

  4. I love the yellow butterflies flitting across the mantel.

  5. Very pretty!!! Love the butterflies. Great job. XO, Pinky

  6. Gail, what a pretty Spring mantel! The butterflies are wonderful. I love seeing pops of yellow for Spring! You did a wonderful job!

  7. Love the butterflies. What a spring icon. You used it in such a novel way.


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