Saturday, January 26, 2013

No Sew Frilly Fleece Hat and Scarf

 Brrrrr, it's really cold out! Yesterday we woke up to snow on the ground and nine degrees outside.  And it's snowing this very moment.  In times like this I need to do something other than clean, wash, and cook.  Although my hubby keeps talking about cooking something good, I'm not having it like that. Food is always on his mind.  I'm tired of cooking.  I want to do some crafting  and a project to work on with this type of weather should be quick and easy.  If you've ever made a fleece hat, you know that can be quite easy.  Basically, you just cut out a rectangle somewhat the size of your head, fold and stitch the side and top and BAM, you have a fleece hat.  Even though I sew, I don't feel like pulling my sewing machine out. I really have to be in the mood to sew.  I came across a no sew fleece hat here that looks cute and  you can make in an half hour or less.                               

You only need:
Fleece   (at the most, a 20"x30" rectangle)
masking tape

First you must measure your head around (circumference) where you would like to wear the hat to determine the length of fleece you will need. Add three inches for the fringe and you have the length.  In my case, 24" (circumference)+ 3" (fringe) = 27" length
Make sure the length is the stretchy direction of the fleece. 

Fleece is green

Cut a piece of fleece 14"x27".   14 inches is the height of the hat.  You may want to increase this measurement if you want a larger fold or have more on top.   27" is your head circumference (24") + fringe (3").

Place a piece of masking tape three inches from the edge along the length of the fleece.
Fold the fleece in half (masking tape strip on top) and cut fleece in 1/2" strips making sure they are even as you cut.

              Open fleece and bring the two fringed edges together (touching).

 Tie fringes together into double knots, starting at the bottom. Stop tying the fringes together about three inches from top (eyeball it).

Fold bottom of hat to form brim. I like just one fold, but you might prefer folding twice.
Try the hat on and determine the height you like by gathering the top with your hand and tying tightly together with a small piece of fleece. (I used a piece of selvage edge I had cut off earlier)

Make vertical cuts in the top portion of the hat to create a pom-pom, and VOILA!  You have made a very cute no-sew fleece hat!

Now it's time to make the scarf.  I found an awesome tutorial here  that you can make in no time.

This is what I used:
3 strips of fleece - 5 inches wide by 60" long  (you can adjust the length you want)
needle and thread 

I layered one purple strip between two green strips.

Then I did a running stitch using a needle and thread straight down the middle of the layered strips.  This would probably be neater if you used a sewing machine, but I wanted to make a scarf anyone could do, so I used a needle and thread and remember, I didn't want to pull my sewing machine out.

Fold the layered strip together along the stitching line and cut 1/2" slits along the entire length of the layered strip.   Being careful not to cut through the stitched line.

Fluff it up and it's ready to wear along with your hat!

How cute is this! 
And done in less than an hour and ready for the cold weather!

Until next time,
Take a little time to enjoy!



  1. You had me at "no-sew"!! Very cute and simple! Big surprise you added purple in that scarf!!

  2. Very clever! I too am a fan of "no-sew." Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Had to stop by and see how you made
    a hat without sewing and a great job
    you did.... cute!

  4. Gail, this is so adorable!! You know I'm a fan of "no-sew"!! You did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent! I love seeing your awesomeness. I have to make this for my daughter. She will love it. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


  5. totally cute idea! love this and it would be so easy to do a half dozen or so as gifts!

  6. What a fabulous set! So soft too. Sometimes having to pull the sewing machine out is just enough to put me off having to do a project.

  7. Cute set! I like the colors, and I really like the hat. It's like a mohawk!

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I featured this pattern in a blog post here:


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