Thursday, October 25, 2012

Outdoor Fall Decor

When I put together my outdoor fall decor, the mums I planted in my urns had not yet opened, and things were looking a bit bare.  With the warm weather we've had lately, the buds have popped open and it's time to share what I've done with my front.

 I got these urns from Sam's Club back in July for half price.  I saw them last year but waited too long for them to be reduced and missed out.  Luck was with me this year since these were the only ones left at the clearance price and I quickly snatched them up.   I can always paint them another color.
 The wreath is from last year and I added the black eyed susans and pumpkins to lighten it up a bit and blend in with the larger white pumpkins.

My sister-in-law, Maria, brought me the wheat stems from her home in North Carolina when she and my niece came to visit last spring.  I've been holding onto them all summer waiting for Autumn to arrive.

 Originally, I had the white pumpkins and mums in the basket out by my lamp-post but they were too light to stay in one spot especially if the wind was blowing so I had to put them in the corner. Couldn't figure a way to weigh them down.

 I wanted to add some "height" and "interest" to the mums so I placed these twisted wood shavings (Michaels) in the center.

I also planted ivy in with the mums for additional texture.

This is what I would call very traditional outdoor fall decor  .   .   .


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DIY Show Off


  1. That looks so very beautiful Gail. Great job!

  2. is fabulously Fall.I love it all from the door to the planters.

  3. I would call it absolutely gorgeous outdoor decor!! Nice display girl!

  4. Your front door is so welcoming - love the mix of textures and colors. I usually have mums and pansies out by now, but it has been too warm for them. I tend to use burgundy so they will go with Christmas decorations. I have enjoyed all your decorations in and out of the house. The spider is a favorite and I enjoyed the cloche post.

  5. What a welcoming front porch! That wreath is so unique, it almost looks like a wreath within a wreath. It looks just perfect on your door!


  6. Gail, your doorway looks beautiful. Do you think fall outdoor decorations, like Xmas, etc., are growing in popularity? How about your neighborhood?


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