Thursday, August 30, 2012


We invited some friends over for the holiday and the commodore had to buy some wine (we are not wine drinkers) for the occasion.  I had heard you can get free wooden wine containers at some of the spirits stores, so I asked him to inquire about the freebies. Sure enough at the check-out he asked if they had any free wooden boxes and the cashier politely said "go check in the pile at the corner." Although the pickens were slim, he returned with two of neatest looking boxes I've ever seen.

   It says IDOL VODKA

 Look at the markings in the wood .  .  .  .  Gorgeous!
  I had never heard of Idol Vodka, so I looked it up to see what type came in this exquisite box.

Hey, I would like to think this would be my kind of vodka,  (Purple Logo) if I drank Vodka!  WHOA!!!

Getting back to the box, it had a sliding top or cover which I thought pretty cool.

Divided (removable) compartments, an added plus!

 See the rubber stoppers at the top.  How neat is that?

There's a small indentation, I guess for sliding the top back and forth.  It definitely needs a cute handle. And I'm searching for ideas on that!

Grateful for the freebies, I didn't have a clue as to what I would do with them.
At the moment, I didn't want to change the finish or color of the boxes.  I think it's very appealing to me. Besides, what color or finish would maintain the character? I know, you're probably saying, "But, that's what crafting is all about! I could, however, see adding a stencil to the mix.

The boxes would be great to store things in, but WHAT?  The container is only 3 1/2 inches deep with the cover closed, and that would limit a lot of things. Then I thought about how junky , disorganized, my kitchen drawers are even though we haven't lived here that long.
                                Shame on me to show this,but .  .  .

 For starters, I tackled the last drawer with the large serving utensils. I rarely use these sizes unless I'm hosting a large dinner or buffet style gathering and that's not too often.

I sorted the serving utensils and this is what I came up with:

And the kitchen drawer now looks like this:

I can store the wine box in a cabinet until I need the utensils.

I want to do something amazing with the second box,
But, WHAT?   I'm still thinking  .  .  .



  1. You'll come up with something! Can't wait to see what!

  2. No kidding, you can get an amazing box like that at the liquor store? I love how organized your drawer is now!! I work next to a liquor store and guess where I'm going tomorrow?


  3. Great idea, Gail! Sometimes just getting the seldom used items in a more out of the way spot, frees up space for items that we do use more often. I'm glad that you looked up the "Idol" vodka and found that the logo had purple in it...just perfect. Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog too.

  4. I did not know that they still used wooden boxes and gave them away! Love the cutlery organizer idea. I'm thinking about a trip to a liquor store is in my future!

    1. "I did not know that they still used wooden boxes and gave them away!" I know. So many containers are plastic or paper, these days. Better grab the wooden boxes now before the vodka company stops giving them away.

  5. Gail, this was such a clever idea to use the wine box that way. I need to stop by the liquor store and ask for some boxes too.


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