Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Ruffled Ribbon and Bow Heart Wreath


With Valentine's Day coming up next month, it's the perfect holiday for making crafts. In case you're wondering what to put on your front door after the new year, it's never too early to make a wreath! Have I got an adorable ruffled ribbon and bow heart wreath for that special day and more!  This post first appeared on where I'm on the Design Team! The ruffled ribbon and bow heart wreath is super simple to make using a wooden heart shape from the dollar store as the base for the wreath. If you can't find a wooden heart, just cut one out of cardboard! And of course you will need lots of ribbon! 


Let's begin by removing the hanger on the heart. Be sure to save it to replace when finished decorating the heart. 

To Ruffle the Ribbon:
Take 9ft of the 2.5" wired ribbon and gently pull one side of the wire at the edge of the ribbon creating a ruffle. While you are pulling the wire out of the ribbon wrap the wire around your finger or a small wooden stick or pencil to keep the wire together.
Once you have gathered all 9 feet of ribbon, place a small dab of hot glue on the ends, folding over the edges of the ribbon to secure.
Begin attaching the ruffled ribbon to the wooden heart at the "v" shape position using a line of hot glue near the edge of the heart.
Continue adding hot glue along the heart edge and attaching the ruffled ribbon . . 
until the ribbon is completely covering the edge of the heart.
Repeat steps to ruffle and add the 1.5" ribbons - one side is dotted and .  .  . 
the other side is striped.

Once the ruffles were completely attached .  .  .

a heart was cut out of decorative cardstock and attached to the center of the wood heart.
To Make the Bow:
 Fold an 18″ length of bow wire in half and place in the Bowdabra, tucking ends under. Then pinch 16" strips of matching pattern ribbons in the middle, placing each one down into the Bowdabra for the bow tails. 
Next, leave the ribbon on the roll and crease the end and insert down into the Bowdabra. Then fold over a four inch loop, twist and press into the Bowdabra.
Fold and twist ribbon making a matching loop on opposite side, down into the Bowdabra. Then make four more loops on either side for a total of six loops. Then scrunch it all down using the Bowdabra wand.
Continue making a total of six loops for each of the 1.5" ribbons, for a total of 12 loops. Scrunch all the loops down with the Bowdabra wand.
While the bow is in the Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the bow wire through the loop, pulling tightly and tie in a knot at the back, gently pulling it out. The cut off excess bow wire. 
Dovetail all the ends by folding the ribbon together and cutting at an angle from the fold down to the corner tip. Then fluff the bow.
 Attach the bow to the center of the heart using hot glue. And replace the hanger.
How gorgeous is this ruffled ribbon and bow heart wreath!

Take a little time to enjoy
Happy Crafting!


  1. Gail, this is so pretty. Love the ruffles. Happy New Year!

  2. Gail,
    Happy New Year!!!
    Such a pretty heart!! Love it!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  3. Your heart wreath is absolutely beautiful, Gail! I love the layered ruffles. Happy New Year!


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