Saturday, November 25, 2023

Woven Christmas Tree Shaped Basket

I stopped by the Goodwill this past summer and was pleasantly surprised to find a woven Christmas Tree shaped basket there. I had never seen anything like it before. It was four dollars, which I thought was a bargain so I immediately scooped it up. How often do you find something actually handcrafted! Although it did have a few flaws. The open woven wood vines design was done a bit uneven and then I discovered that the actual tree shape is wire and the vines were used in a somewhat decorative effect. The basket also had a fabric lining ( a bit cruddy) that was attached incorrectly (my thought) with the hem and seams on the outside that you can easily see. Plus the handle was attached to the outside of the basket with a rough, crooked look instead of being attached on the inside. It was as if the woven basket should have been turned inside out, lol! 


Nevertheless, I thought it was the perfect item to "do over" for this month's 'Do It Over' Designers project. Sadly, this will be our last hop for this year!

The "Do It Over Designers" is a group of creative bloggers who love to recycle/upcycle/ DIY, hosted by Anne @The Apple Street Cottage. It happens the 4th Saturday of every other month and it's all about taking something old and/or unused and 'doing it over' into something new. Anything from fabric, old dishes, and decor, to dressers and hutches. Items found in closets, cabinets, barns, garages, yard sales, thrift stores, you name it! Thanks Anne for hosting this wonderful blog hop!

The materials I used to do over this tree shaped basket include:
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The first thing I did was to remove the lining of the basket. I thought I would make a pattern out of the pieces and create a new lining for the basket. But once the lining was out, I liked how the basket looked without it. Although I'm keeping the lining - I might want to use it as a pattern to add a new lining later. 

 Since there were too many wide openings on the bottom of the basket where small items could fall out I decided to make a cover for the inside base. I used a piece of cardboard from a Dell computer box (this type of box is much sturdier than an Amazon box) and drew around the base of the basket.

Then used a ruler to draw straight lines to cut out.
I had to bend the cardboard a bit to get it inside, but it was a perfect fit.

Next, I had some old plaid metallic taffeta fabric I had gotten a few years ago when plaid was ultra popular for the holidays that I used to cover the cardboard. I love the straight lines of the fabric - which is easy to follow in cutting out!
And easy to glue onto the cardboard, too!
I think I made a good choice in covering the bottom of the basket!
Don't you just love this red, green and gold trim to outline the shape of the basket! I followed the design sections of the wire, one area at a time to glue on the trim using Fabric-Tac fabric glue.

It was so easy to bend and glue on the trim around the corners.

Once one side of the basket was done, the other side was next. By the way, did you notice how straight the handle is now? All I had to do was move the handle in place. Silly me!

Once the trim was attached, I wanted to add decorative flowers to the top of the tree design using the fabric and chenille stems. To make two flowers, fold five chenille stems in half and cut at the middle.  

Fold each of the cut stems in half, twisting the bottom stems together. Push up the stem where connected to form a  flower shaped petal, pinching the fold at the tip. Then add glue around one side of the chenille petal. 
And press the chenille stem petal to fabric.
Use parchment paper to smooth the chenille stem petal down. The parchment paper helps in not getting too much glue on hands. Let dry.
Five chenille stem petals are used for one flower.
Once the glue is dry, cut out the chenille stem petals around the bottom of the stems.
Then shape each petals by bending slightly.

Use a small round object to cut out a small circle for the center of the flower. Then paint on glue to the fabric circle and edges to avoid fraying (not shown). Let dry. 
Once the fabric circle is dry, glue on the tips of each petal to the circle to .  .  .
form the flower.

Next, roll up a chenille stem tightly into a ball, adding glue to one side and place in the center of the flower. Add glue to the center back of the flower and attach to the center top of the basket, just under the handle. Hold in place (several seconds) until secure. Isn't this adorable!

I'm loving how this Woven Christmas Tree Shaped Basket "do over" turned out and hope you do, too!

Perfect to hold small Christmas presents or holiday what-nots!

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     Happy Holidays!


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