Thursday, August 17, 2023

Embellish Pumpkin with Flower Molds

It's almost Fall y'all and you know what that means! Time to decorate pumpkins! Why not take your pumpkin decorating skills to the next level using clay and a silicone flower mold! I know you've seen lots of pumpkins decorated using ornate molds! Most look antiquated - or not quite your style! But I'm here to show you how to use fashionable or up to date flower molds to decorate your pumpkins! Sounds like fun, doesn't it! And it is! 

 Welcome to this months' Creative Craft Hop! For the next couple of  months, Creative Craft Hop will be hosted by Donna @Modern on Monticello who's filling in for Sara @Birdz of a Feather while Sara is dealing with health issues.  Please keep Sara in your thoughts and prayers. And thank you Donna for keeping this awesome hop going! If you're coming over from Tammy @Patina and Paint wasn't her Pumpkin Soap Dispenser adorable! And be sure to check out all the talented bloggers and their wonderful creations listed at the end of my post. 

We all love decorating pumpkins in so many cool ways for fall! The options are almost unlimited! And I'd like to share a  chic and stylish way using clay and flower molds to beautify a pumpkin! 

Materials used:

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Let's start with a plain paper mache 10" pumpkin I had in my stash and .  .  .

a silicone flower mold I had gotten from Amazon sometime ago for another project. Begin by lightly brushing corn starch on the mold which makes it easier to release the clay from the mold. 
Cover the entire mold with corn starch and then shake off the excess.

Pinch off an amount of air dry clay needed to begin filling the mold. Because the mold design is rather large, it's best to work in sections. Roll the clay into a ball and begin kneading it to make it soft and pliable.

Once the clay is pliable, begin pressing the clay into the mold..  .  .  

filling the flower design mold with clay.

Once the flower mold is filled, use a plastic spreader to smooth out the clay and to remove any excess clay around the rim of the flower design.

Then turn the mold over onto where you want to place it on the pumpkin and begin folding back the top of the mold - a little bit at a time so you won't break the design until the clay flower is completely on the pumpkin. Gently raise the clay flower to squeeze wood glue in-between the pumpkin and back of the clay flower. Press in place to secure.  Continue filling the mold with clay as before, adding the flower around the pumpkin and gluing in place.
I placed six flower molds around the 10" pumpkin. And I loved, loved, loved how the pumpkin was taking shape!

Next, I started painting the paper mache pumpkin in a purple shade called FolkArt Victorian Violet Matte which looked much darker than the bottle shade implied. In hindsight, I should have painted the paper mache pumpkin first before adding the clay flowers.
After most of the pumpkin was painted and dry .  .  .
I placed the pumpkin upside down in a plastic bowl to paint the bottom.
Doesn't this look awesome and I haven't finish it yet!
Next, painted the clay flowers using FolkArt Wicker White. Let dry
And finally, sealed it all using Mod Podge Matte.
Let the mod podge dry for several hours .  .  .
to a clear finish.
I can't wait to decorate for Fall with this lovely pumpkin!

I hope you enjoyed  how I embellish a pumpkin with clay flowers  and inspired you to make one, too! Up next is Ann @Apple Street Cottage sharing her beautiful Milkweed Pod WreathBe sure to stop by each and everyone in our creative group listed below to check out their exciting and inspiring projects! And don't forget to pin, too!

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  1. What a fun way to dress-up a plain pumpkin, Gail! I've never worked with molds and now I see I'm missing out.

  2. Wow Gail, this is awesome! The flower mold is so neat, as is the air dry clay! Very creative and amazing!

  3. Great job Gail! I have seen those molds before and think that they would be a lot of fun to use, but haven't tried them. Plus, you get extra stars for being able to paint the purple without it getting on the white and the white on the purple. I would have made a total mess! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your pumpkin is so cute. I never used air clay or the molds before, I need to I have seen a lot of cute items made with them. Thanks for sharing your cute pumpkin Gail!

  5. Wow! I've seen clay mold projects here and there, but I must say yours is the most impressive by far. Awesome job! Pinned.

  6. Oh Gail, what a pretty purple pumpkin! The clay mold details are beautiful!

  7. Oh my, this is beautiful! I absolutely love it! I saw embellished pumpkins in Hobby Lobby the other day, and they cost a pretty penny. This is a great way to save money & have custom pumpkins to fit your style. I have lots of pumpkins around, but none are paper mâché. I'll have to try and see if they work for this. I haven't yet used air dry clay or molds, but my pumpkins are small. I wonder if you could fill the molds us only slightly, so the embellishments are thin for tiny pumpkins? Guess I could find thin molds too, if they're available. This was such a great inspiration, Gail! Thanks for sharing! Pinned.
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

  8. Gail, you always come up with the most unique projects. I have those paper mache pumpkins and some air dry clay. What a great project to use them on.

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