Thursday, February 16, 2023

Flower Leaf Cord Wrapped Basket


Here's a fun and quite unusual looking DIY basket that's ideal to make for spring, Easter or just about any decorative theme! Perfect to share on this month's  Creative Craft Hop hosted by Sara @Birdz of a Feather If you are visiting from Terri @Decorate & More with Tip, WELCOME! Wasn't Terri's Texture Bunny Wall Plaque adorable!  Getting back to my basket, don't you just love the cool effect of the curved "flower leaves" that enhances the basket! Want to know how I made this? Just follow along with me!  
Materials used:
Recycle plastic container
Hot knife/marker
Poly cord (5/32" 75ft)
Leaf template/pencil
Macrame cord 3mm 109yds
Starbond super glue/Fabri-Tac glue
Parchment paper
Hot glue gun
Duck tape
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I started with a seven inch tall clear pretzel container that I washed and removed the label and let dry. I don't know what happened to the top.

Anyway, I wanted to remove a portion of the container to make it shorter. So I got out my hot knife and marker - plus a jar to hold the marker in place while I twirled the container around - marking the area to cut off.

Once the marking was done, I heated up the hot knife and followed the line .  . .
to cut off three inches of the container.
Next, begin gluing on the cord starting at the top of the container. I didn't want hot glue to show through the clear plastic so I used a high performing super glue called Starbond which dried clear to attach the poly cord.
Continue adding glue to wrap the container with poly cord  .   .  .
going around and around .  .  .
until ending and cutting off the cord at the center of the container bottom.
This is already looking cute, especially done in purple, lol!

Now we need to make large flower leaves to add around the cord wrapped basket. Here is a lovely leaf template that you can copy and paste in any size that you like. The leaf pattern I'm using is 7 3/4" tall and 2 3/4" at its' widest part. Next I measured around the container - 19" - and divided that by 2.75 and got 6.9 which is almost 7. 

So I drew seven leaf patterns following the template onto burlap and .  .  .
began adding macrame cording around the shape applying hot glue first and then the cord. Since the burlap has an open weave, make sure to lay parchment paper underneath so the leaves can easily be removed.
I started out using hot glue since I didn't have enough of the Starbond super glue. Then I switched to Fabri-Tac fabric glue after burning my fingers more than I cared to say! Ouch!
Once finished wrapping the leaf with macrame cord .  .  .
time to cut the flower leaf out to .  .  .
glue on the poly cord around the leaf edge.
How cool does this look.  Flex the leaf to make it more pliable since it will be glued down in sections on the container..
Once macrame cording is added to all seven leaves, begin adding hot glue to the bottom of the leaf and .  .  .
attach to the base of the container.
Attach the rest of the leaves using hot glue to the bottom of the container making sure the leaves are close to each other.
Once the glue is cooled off and dry, begin shaping the leaves by forming a "hump" near the bottom to all the leaves at the same area.
Then add glue at the top of the leaves and .  .  .
hold in place until the glue is dry.
Continue shaping all seven of the leaves and gluing in place.
Then make a  four cord braided handle by taping down (duck tape) four cords long enough to make a handle. Straightening the cords, look at them as groups of two. For the first group of two, take the far right cord over the left cord - which is right next to it. Then take the next group of two, right over left. 
Then take left cord over right (center cords)
Continue right over left, right over left and .  .  .
left over right. Tightening the cords as you braid.
Continue right over left, right over left, left over right, tightening braid, until you reach the length you want for a handle. 
The wrap the ends of the handle with extra cords and glue them in place on the inside of the basket. Make sure to use a lot of glue to keep the handle attached. Glue on a group of short strips of cords across the ends of the handles for extra hold. 
I am loving how this basket turned out and hope you are too!

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  1. You always bring the wow factor Gail! What a fun basket; I'd use this year 'round!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments, Sara! I would use it year round, too!

  2. Gail, this basket is absolutely amazing! Who knew you could make something so beautiful out of a plastic container and cords! This is beyond creative, how did you ever dream this up?? I love the purple and white, so pretty! Your patience with intricate crafts like this is so impressive. I've not heard of that Starbond glue, I need to look into that. Your tutorial is so thorough, it was fascinating to see all the steps. Enjoy this special creation, it is beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comments, Jenna! I'm glad you like it! That means a lot! I can get carried away with making something not realizing how time consuming they can get.

  3. You always intrigue me on things you create Gail. Your tutorials are clear and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing this adorable basket. I can see my grand daughter carrying this to find her Easter eggs. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. You are quite welcome, Terri! And thanks! Yes, I can see your adorable grand daughter carrying this for Easter! She's a cutie!

  4. Gail, you are so talented at creating beautiful crafts--pinned!

  5. Oh my goodness! You are one talented lady! This basket is so cute and I know took some time and a lot of skill. GREAT Job Gail!

    1. Thank you so much, Tammy! I had it in my mind to make this and glad I didn't quit before finishing it!

  6. This is so talented Gail. I love how creative it is. The perfect basket for a fairy garden, full of whimsy and flare.

    1. Gee thanks so much for you kind words, Leanna! Yes, it would be perfect in a fairy garden!

  7. Gail, the detail of your projects always amazed me. This project is another winner, for sure. Thanks for sharing how to use cording and make flower petals.

    1. You are quite welcome and thanks for your sweet comments, Carol!

  8. Wow, this turned out so good! I love the 3-D leaves. I never thought about placing a marker on something while rotating the object you're marking. Thanks for that tip! Pinned.
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

    1. You are quite welcome, Niki! And thanks! I was quite pleased how the leaves turned out. And that marker technique is the only easy way I know how to draw a even line around objects. The idea is really old, lol!

  9. Your basket looks wonderful and is so creative and unique! You sure had a creative vision to see a basket from a plastic container. Love how you always think outside of the box!

  10. Your basket is fantastic and your tutorial is very clear and easy to follow. After innumerable glue gun burns, I invested in the hot pink finger protectors at Dollar Tree--but still usually end up burning a finger that doesn't have one!

  11. Thanks so much, Kathy! I do have some finger protectors, but as usual, couldn't find them!. I have a knack for hiding things from myself!

  12. Un maravilloso trabajo Gail!!
    Gracias por tus explicaciones.

    1. ¡Gracias por visitarnos y por tus dulces comentarios, MJ!

  13. Wowza, that is so clever, so intricate looking and yet made from such simple materials.

  14. I am visiting from Handmade Monday. Wow, this turned out beautifully! These would be adorable as Easter baskets, I really like the way you were able keep that plastic from the landfill! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Very cute basket Gail. So clever and so pretty. I am pleased to feature your Flower leaf cord Wrapped basket at Love Your

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    thanks for sharing this adorable basket. I can see my carrying this to find her.

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