Monday, April 11, 2022

Plaster Cloth Egg Vase DIY


Hello Springtime! As a favorite pastime of mine, I'm always looking around sites and other places for craft inspirations - one of them being HGTV Handmade on YouTube. This particular video features the Crafty Lumberjacks making an adorable Easter Egg Display using plaster bandages. 

I was quite intrigued with the plaster bandages craft, so afterwards I did a search for the Crafty Lumberjacks' blog site. For a couple of links I got a 404 codes but finally found their blog featuring them making their Easter egg vases on The Chew, a tv show I use to watch, no less! I read the post and looked at the comments - low and behold, I had left a comment - back in 2019! But I don't remember anything about seeing this technique before! Usually, I will write a craft or technique down in my project book if I'm interested in it. But not this time. 

I'm so glad I found it again and I hope you will love it, too!

Plaster Cloth Egg Vase DIY

  • Balloon (12" oval)
  • Masking tape
  • Glass
  • Plaster Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Plastic container
  • Water
  • Flowers

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How To
Let's get started by creating a work surface that will be subject to plaster dust, water and a whole lot of messiness! Lol! Then gather the supplies and blow up the balloon, tying it off into a knot. 
Next, insert the balloon into the opening of a sturdy glass and tape it to the glass using masking tape.
Next, measure the area using a strip of plaster cloth from one side of the balloon - up, over and down  the balloon leaving a gap near the knot (not shown). Cut several strips of plaster cloth about the same length measured from the roll. Then cut the strips in half.  
Next, add water to the container and dip a plaster cloth strip into the water. Hold the strip as taut as possible since the cloth will wrinkle when wet.
Then quickly wrap the balloon with the wet strip .  .  . 
smoothing out the plaster cloth over the balloon. The water activates the plaster in the cloth. Smoothing it out gives it a smooth plaster appearance. 
Continue wetting the plaster strips, laying them on the balloon - overlapping strips and smoothing them out.

Notice how messy this is! There's lots of watery plaster drips everywhere! I guess I should have used gloves, or taken my rings off since I got plaster all over them!  But I always like to actually feel what I'm working on. I know, sounds crazy right, lol!
Continue adding strips of plaster cloth over the balloon and .  .  .
smoothing them out - as best you can!
As you add more plaster strips to the balloon, you might want to cut them shorter, since the area will get smaller and smaller.

Carry on with placing plaster cloth strips over the balloon and smoothing them out. See the wrinkled strips on the table? I tried straightening them but that wasn't happening! 
 Once the balloon is completely covered, make sure no areas are missed or need more strips. 

 Once you're satisfied with how the plaster cloth egg looks and feels, let dry overnight. Be sure to clean up all the plaster dust particles and residue that's around. And please, do not pour the plaster water down the drain. Put it in a jar and throw in the trash.
Once dry, remove the tape from the plaster cloth egg and .  .  .
 pop the balloon and remove after it deflates.
The edges of the plaster cloth egg will be rough, so use scissors to shape into a more cracked egg look.

For the vase, place faux flowers in a sturdy glass .  .  .
and place in the center of the plaster cloth egg for a pretty spring look!
Just perfect for Spring!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on making an adorable plaster cloth egg vase - created especially for this month's Spring Craft Challenge Blog Hop, hosted by Beverly @Across the Blvd. - where I've joined a group of creative bloggers to bring you a themed monthly challenge blog hop on the 2nd Monday of each month. 

Meet this month's Co-Hosts:

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  1. Gail, this looks lovely! What a great DIY and your tutorial is great. Love the purple flowers in it, too.

  2. How FUN! When our children were small, I loved making paper mache' pinatas for their birthdays. This technique looks very similar. pinning for later -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. The final results look awesome! So pretty! I've never heard of plaster cloth. I learn something new every day.

  4. I have often found comments I have written on blog posts that I don't remember either; funny enough it's often a craft or recipe I was so taken with that I wanted to try and usually didn't end up doing. Your final results are just fabulous!

  5. I really love this idea! An egg shaped vase is so perfect for Easter! And your purple flowers are lovely.

  6. I look at people's older blog posts all the time and then spot that I commented 2 or 3 years ago!! You just can't remember everything :-D
    I love the Crafty Lumberjacks, they used to join my Handmade Monday link up now and again but I think they are too TV famous for that now! This craft looks so pretty, the way you've styled it with those beautiful flowers is just gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful arrangement. I love paper mache. Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday.

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  9. This is fantastic! I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing on Happiness is Homemade! I'll definitely be trying this one. If you tried to link up on Crafty Creators this morning, I apologize. I accidentally added last week's InLinkz code to this week's party again. It's fixed now and open for posts!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  10. great article thanks for sharing this site. I look forward to your next post.


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