Thursday, March 24, 2022

Woven Ribbon Wall Basket

If you love ribbon as much as I do, you especially love creating pretty crafts featuring them! I've been on a basket making kick lately and today, have I got a unique way of making one for the wall! Would you guess it's made basically out of wire clothes hangers, balsam wood and ribbon? Yes, that's right! Wire clothes hangers! It's a pretty upcycle craft - perfect for our monthly Creative Craft Hop hosted by Sara @Birdz of a Feather! If you're coming over from Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction, wasn't her Floral Cross Upcycle adorable? 

So let's get started with creating a woven ribbon wall basket!

  • Wire clothes hangers (2)
  • Wire cutters
  • Cardboard
  • Balsam wood strip (1" wide)
  • Satin ribbon (5/8" 10yds)
  • Decorative ribbon (7/8")
  • Hot Glue/glue sticks
  • Fabri-Tac fabric glue
  • Vine covered wire rope
  • Styrofoam

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Begin by cutting five, 7" long pieces of wire from clothes hangers.

Keep one piece straight, placing it on the center of  a piece of cardboard. Then slightly curve two near the top - curving one, to the right. The other, curving to the left, then placing them an inch apart from the center wire. Next, slightly curve the remaining ones - one, to the left (from the bottom) and the other, to the right (from the bottom) - placing one inch apart, as shown.

Next, measure the total width of the wire placements, top (9") and bottom (6") and cut the balsam wood strip the measurement of the widths. Apply hot glue to the wire tops and bottoms and attach the wood strips.

To weave the ribbon, originally, I thought a five yard roll of ribbon would be enough to cover the entire area of the wire basket frame. That's the standard amount of ribbon on a roll and I have plenty of those. So I'm showing how I started with a pretty shade of lavender in a soft satin ribbon I had on hand for the first few steps of weaving the ribbon.

First, unroll the ribbon and fold it in half to find the middle - placing the middle of the ribbon on the center of the bottom wires. Then take the end of the ribbon and begin weaving over the first wire and under the second, over and under and over the last wire. Adjust the ribbon to make sure the ends are even and the over, under weave is in the center of the length of the ribbon.

Then take the ribbon end from the left side and take it behind the first wire, over the second and at the same time, under the ribbon that's woven beneath .  .  .

taking the ribbon over the fourth wire and at the same time under the ribbon and around the fifth wire going back behind the fourth, over the third and under the second, over the first. It helps to look at the picture, if you're confused.

Continue repeating the same previous steps for each row, alternating the ribbon going over and under.
I continued weaving the ribbon over and under each row - towards the top and this is when I realized that I didn't have enough ribbon to cover the basket frame. And I didn't have enough of the same type ribbon to add to it, either. 

So I took all of the ribbon out and searched my stash for a roll of ribbon with 10 yards. I had only one 10 yd roll in a spring color. But the ribbon wasn't as soft as the first. It was a bit stiff, but I didn't want to go out and buy more ribbon so I tried it out anyway. 

Picking up the tutorial where I left off, except with another ribbon in the following pictures. You'll notice the ribbon doesn't lay as nice as the first one, but that's ok. The weave will be a little wonky!
Continue weaving over and under, alternating ribbon. Gently pull the woven ribbon at the sides to tighten the weave and .  .  .
continue on to the top.
After reaching the top, carefully weave the ends of the ribbon to the back, hiding the ends and gluing in place. 
Then cover the top and bottom wood pieces with fabric glue and .  . 
smooth out the wider decorative ribbon on top of the glue. Let dry. Cover the back side with cardboard cut to basket shape and attached with hot glue.  

 To make the handle, measure how high and round you want the handle placed on the basket then begin twisting vine covered wire together .  .  .
several times until satisfied with .  .  .
the thickness and shape.
Attach handle to basket using end wires and hot glue. Add a small block of styrofoam between the cardboard and basket to attach faux flowers.

How adorable and cute is this!

You're gonna love checking out this months' Creative Craft Blog Hop featuring lots of wonderful craft ideas and inspirations! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on making a Woven Ribbon Wall Basket! Up next is Donna @Modern on Monticello sharing her adorable garden signs! Then be sure to stop by all of the fun and awesome projects listed below for this hop!

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed! Great job. I would never have thought to make the basket base that way. Super pretty!!!!

  2. Brilliant Gail and so unique! No one does ribbon better than you :). I can see why you're on a basket binge; hope you keep those ideas coming!

  3. Another winner Gail! I am crazy about the way the woven ribbon looks! The texture is fantastic! At first when I saw the purple run out I thought you might make it ombre but I can see the textures of the pink and purple were so different that might not have looked right. Either way it is a brilliant creation from a few humble supplies and it looks so pretty!

  4. Gail, your woven ribbon technique is new to me, and your wall basket is just lovely--pinned!

  5. This is adorable! It's such a creative idea, & I love it! I did the weaving technique with the thick yarn made for hand crochet or knitting on a pumpkin wire wreath form. I have a bunch left over, so this is a great way for me to use it.
    Happy hopping!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  6. Your basket is so pretty and you were very resourceful in how you made it. Impressive technique. So glad you decided to share it. Pinned.

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