Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Decorative Candy Box Frame

I love saving "trash!" I have my hubby trained to ask me if I need whatever he's planning on throwing away! Lol!  As a crafter, you just never know when you might need an item from the trash stash for a project! Like for this month's DIY Challenge, hosted by Terrie @Decorate and More with Tip!  In case you don't know about this DIY Challenge, on the 1st Wednesday of each month, a group of talented bloggers create something based on a theme or material that's selected by Terri! I bet you can guess what this month's theme is! From Trash to Treasure!

And I've got the perfect piece from my trash stash to upcycle! The bottom of an empty chocolate candy box! So let's transform this piece into a decorative candy box frame! Perfect to show off sentimental photos or love saying and notes!

Materials used:
  • Chocolate Candy Box bottom (large)
  • Sequin Elastic Trim (10yd) - 1"
  • Decorative Metallic Trim - 5/8"
  • Glitter Cut Edge Wide Ribbon - 8"
  • Aileene's Tacky Glue
  • Scissors, clamps
I don't know what happened to the box top. I know it's somewhere in my trash stash, lol! But all I need is the bottom to make a decorative candy box frame. Plus using a few incidentals like sequin and metallic trims, extra wide ribbon and glue! How easy does that sound?
Let's begin with lots of sequin trim (leave on bolt) - which I will use to cover most of the box - interior and side using tacky glue and clamps to hold. Starting with the inside cardboard piece, apply generous amounts of tacky glue at the beginning of the V dip, and moving along the strip while applying the sequin trim. Clamp the end of the trim to hold in place .  .  .
while applying the trim along the curve of the heart shape .  .  .
down and around .  .  .
and back up to where it started - cutting off the excess trim and gluing in place. Clamp in place until dry. 
Then add another row of sequin trim, starting and  .  .  .
ending in the same area. Use clamps to hold in place, if needed, til dry.
Then begin gluing on sequin trim along the outside box frame, starting on one side and ending on the other side.
Since the sequin trim is only 1 inch wide, additional metallic trim is used to cover the entire width of the outside cardboard. Apply the metallic trim the same as the sequin trim using tacky glue. Let dry.
The center of the box can either be cut out in the heart shape to place a photo or graphic love note - which I didn't want to do. Or .  .  .
insert a large ribbon or fabric shaped (cut) into a heart and .  .  .
glued in place.
Looking lovely, don't you think!

Place a sentimental photo .  .  .
or saying for a keepsake!
From Trash to Treasure:
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  1. WOW Gail. I would of never thought about keeping the box of my Valentine's candy. I will now. It is a pretty decor piece and how special you made it. Love it.

  2. Girl, you had me at sequins! What a great way to recycle a candy box. What a great way to recycle and have a pretty Valentine's decoration. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a creative way to use an old candy box. Love the sequins and pretty colors. So many possibilities to change it up for your own unique style. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my goodness,Gail! This is absolutely gorgeous! You are so creative! I would never have thought to make a frame out of an old candy box!

  5. So cute! Love the embellishments you used.
    Niky @ The House on Silverado

  6. Very pretty heart. I got a kick out of your comment about training your hubby.

  7. Gail, this is a great project. You did a wonderful job!

  8. So beautiful!! Very creative and love the color!

  9. You are dangerous, Gail. I am trying so hard to declutter my craft room and let go of the one day project. Here you go showing me why I should hang on cuz ya just never know. Such a cute and upcycle and decor project.

  10. Very pretty project, Gail. What a great way to use that trash Valentine candy box. Of course, you have to eat the chocolate first! Love the sequins.

  11. You certainly turned 'trash into treasure', Gail. Wonderful upcycle!


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