Monday, January 10, 2022

My Sweet Valentine Wreath DIY

Does your home seem a bit bare now that you've taken down all of your Christmas - holiday decor? If you're still in that festive mood and with Valentine's Day just around the corner - have I got an adorable Valentine craft project for you! This is not done in your usual Valentine colors but in a soft and glittery palette of rose gold, lavender, pinks and gray! And the best part, you probably have everything you need to make your very own - perhaps in the colors you like!

So let's get started!


  • Parchment paper 
  • Cardboard (heavy duty)
  • White chalk paint/brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Wrapping paper
  • Valentine verse
  • Twisted cord trim
  • Clamps
  • Wired ribbon (2.5")
  • Fabric glue
  • Bamboo stick
  • Posterboard
  • Duct tape

First, hand draw a heart template out of parchment paper .  .  .

and cut it out.
Next, you will need a large piece of sturdy cardboard - like one from a large Amazon box to place the heart template on and .  .  .
cut out!
Then apply a couple of coats of white chalk paint and let dry.
Once the chalk paint is completely dry, glue on a sheet of decorative wrapping paper - something that has a really cool design and let dry.  Then, trim the paper leaving a half inch overhang all the way around!Add glue to the edges of the cardboard and paper overhang and .  .  .smooth over the edge onto the backside. I used a bone folder to help sharpen the sides.

It's beginning to look really cool, don't you think!
Next, glue on the Valentine verse which I cut out in a heart shape. 
And then begin gluing on the cord trim at the "V" top side  following the outline of the heart shape.
I ended the trim in the same area where I started - cutting it at an angle and adding fabric glue to the end to seal the fibers. I wrapped the end with parchment paper and secured with a clamp until the glue dried.
Sweet! Lol!
How to Ruffle Ribbon:. I started with a 50 yard roll of 2.5″ wide wired ribbon that I had gotten from Costco just before the holidays. You won't be needing that much ribbon or anywhere near that amount. It's best to leave the ribbon on the roll so you are sure to have enough ruffles to go around the heart shape! 

Begin by gently pulling the wire out of one side of the ribbon to create the ruffles. Wrap the wire as you pull to keep it together. It took thirteen feet of wired ribbon to make a ruffle to fit around the heart shaped cardboard.
To apply the ribbon to the heart shape, I didn't want a lot of excess glue on the ruffle so I used a bamboo stick to dip in the fabric glue and apply along the heart edge  - pressing down!
Don't you just love the daintiness of the ruffles! So romantic!
Be still my heart!
 Use the heart cardboard cutout to draw a cover on posterboard for the back of the heart wreath. Adding a cover gives a neater look and also helps to make the ribbon edge hanger a bit stronger, too. 
The hanger is made by cutting about fifteen inches of the wired edge of ribbon, folding it in half and  tying one end into a knot, Secure the knotted end with glue and a small piece of duct tape.  Then attach the  posterboard cover.with glue.

See how the back looks really neat now!

Hang this delicate soft statement piece on the front door or 
anywhere in your home!

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  1. That's beautiful. The dots on the ribbon echoing the dots on the paper is perfect. I'm so impressed that you neatened the back too, I'm not sure I would have bothered but it will make it last.

    1. Thanks Julie! I was surprised to find wrapping paper in my stash that complimented the ribbon I had - although it's not purple! Lol!

  2. Very sweet heart. I love the ruffles. Have a great week Gail.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I love ruffles, too! Hope you're having a good new year! It can only get better!

  3. Querida amiga, me alegra mucho volver a ver tus trabajos y eso es seƱal de que te encuentras bien y eso me alegra doblemente.

    1. Thanks so much, Lola! It's great hearing from you! I've slowed down a bit - I've lost my mojo or inspiration! Hopefully, all is not lost and my creativity will return!

  4. It's so sweet and I love the color of the ribbon.

  5. Your wreath is so cute! I love the wrapping paper and ribbon you used! And your heart is perfect. I'm terrible at cutting out shapes. lol

  6. This is beautiful, Gail. It's amazing what can be made from simple cardboard with the right creativity. You always have such unique and creative crafts.

  7. Yes, our home feels very drab when all the Christmas decor hops back inside the closet. I love that you are upcycling a box into a lovely wreath! It's so pretty! pinning -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. Very pretty, Gail! Eco-friendly + inexpensive = the perfect craft. Thanks for the tip on making ruffled ribbon.

  9. Hi Gail, I love your Valentine's wreath! The ruffles just change everything. Yours is my pick of the week! Thanks for linking up @Happiness Is Homemade!
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