Tuesday, December 21, 2021

How to Make a Decorative Ribbon Feather

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those ribbon scraps you've accumulated from wrapping presents and making bows? Have I got a pretty solution! Here's how to make a decorative ribbon feather using ribbon scraps! And you won't believe how pretty and luxurious they look and feel! Perfect to add as an accent on a bow in wrapping presents this holiday season!

Here's how to make ribbon feathers:


  • Ribbon - 1.5 width
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Large safety pin/seam ripper/small brush
  • Cutting board surface 
  • Floral stem wire (16-18 gauge) 

 Let's begin by cutting about 20 - 5" ribbon strips to make one feather. Next, add double sided tape to one of the short end edges. Do this for all the ribbon strips. Then cut the side edges, sometimes called the welting, off of the ribbon strips.

Now it time to start removing the fray threads from the end of the ribbon! 
Use the tip of a large safety pin to scrape the fraying threads off to reveal soft silk-like fibers. I like using a small cutting board as a work surface to scrape the ribbon. It's nice and sturdy and seems to make it all work better.

Use a small brush to help remove the gathered loose threads that bunch up from scraping the ribbon .  .  . 
creating a nice smooth silky fringed piece.
To add the ribbon fringe to stem wire to create the feather, remove the backing from the double-sided tape and place the tip of the wire on the edge of the tape and begin rolling the ribbon fringe around the wire stem .  .  .                                           
until the ribbon fringe is secured around and onto the wire stem. Isn't this beginning to look fabulous!

Continue adding the ribbon fringes to the stem wire, staggering the tape slightly below the previous ribbon fringe. Adding each fringe on - one by one until you have a beautiful looking feather! Have fun making as many feathers as you like!

How cool does this look! Can you believe this is actually ribbon? Place several in a vase for a decorative look or for gift giving, place on a gift wrapped present!
To decorate a wrapped present, tie ribbon around four sides of the box and tie together in center. Dovetail the ends by folding the end ribbon together and cut at the fold on a 45 degree angle down to the ribbon edge. 
Place feathers across top and place bow on top tying around ribbon using the bow wire for a fabulous decorative look! 

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and take a little time to enjoy,

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!


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