Monday, November 29, 2021

Purple Flocked Slim Christmas Tree

Purple is my favorite and signature color! I love using it throughout my home and especially during the holidays! Did you know it's actually one of the colors of Christmas? Purple or violet is considered the main color of Advent as it symbolizes fasting and repentance.  Purple has always been known as the color of royalty, (not that I am, lol). It also symbolizes luxury and a sense of magic or whimsy! 

Imagine my surprise when I saw a purple flocked tree online that wasn't a bright purple!  I had to get one! I looked around and found the best price using a coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond! 

 I'm excited to be participating once again with a great group of creative bloggers  sharing Christmas tree decorating ideas with you. I'm thrilled to be showing you my purple flocked decorated tree this year at the annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop hosted by Michelle @Our Crafty Mom. You can check out my last years' tree here. If you're coming over from the Zucchini Sisters, welcome!

Get ready for purple overload in tree decorating! I'm bringing a royal touch with a bit of whimsy to my home this holiday season by decorating my purple flocked tree in a range of rich purple and lavender hues. Quite different from what I've done in the past!
Since the tree is only 4.5 feet tall, I had to place it on a table located by my sliding patio door. There was a lamp there so it was an easy exchange. However, as you can see, there are a lot of patterns going on with the tree and my drapes hanging close by. In some photos, I pushed the drapes back trying to get the perfect picture!
The purple flocked tree truly is a lovely decorated tree in rich jewel tones starting with the ribbon used throughout in purple and silver metallic.

Purple ornaments proved to be elusive in stores this year.  So I decided to make some of my own. I love how the velvet and crushed glass and pearls ornaments look on the tree. They add an air of softness in lavender velvet. And the purple pearls adds a bit of lavishness to the mix! You can checkout my easy to follow tutorial here

For my next group of handcrafted ornaments, you won't believe how I made the sparkling finish using chunky glitter glue! All twenty-four of these cuties add to the overall glistening and whimsy effect! You can find my very easy tutorial here!
Don't you just love how all of these purple hues flow together!

And I love the purple glitter berry and poinsettia stems placed throughout, too!

Instead of a skirt or collar, I placed a few designer wrapped presents around the base of the tree! I really love that look!

When lit, the tree gives off an extra cozy feeling at night!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my decorated purple flocked tree! It truly is 
a one of a kind beauty! 
Up next, is Kirsten @Tribe of Burton sharing her pretty minimalist tree!

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  1. Such a cute tree, Love the ornaments with the purple beads hanging from them. Its rich and pleasing to the eyes.

  2. I love your purple tree, Gail! And your DIY ornaments are gorgeous! I may have to steal some of your ideas to decorate the tree in my purple master bedroom :)

  3. I am in love with the purple my friend this is fantastic and so very unexpected! It really sparks all of my creativity and is truly eye candy for my soul!

  4. As a fellow purple tree lover, I know the problem of trying to find a non-bright purple! Love all the DIY ornaments :)

  5. Your purple tree looks gorgeous decorated for Christmas.

  6. I hope this doesn't come through twice. It disappeared mid-sentence. Your purple tree is just perfect. I've never seen purple before. Your wrapping paper is so pretty too. It's fun hopping with you again.

  7. I need to share your tree with my niece who loves purple! It's such a fun spin on Christmas tree decor, Gail! Your DIY ornaments are lovely, too. Happy Holidays! -Crissy @ First Day of Home

  8. Gil - your purple tree is beautiful. We had forgotten that purple was an advent color - so special! Can't wait to see how you made the DIY ornaments!

  9. I didn't even realize your tree was only 4ft. It looks like a full size and gorgeous. Love the DIY ornaments too.

  10. Gail, you've made a purple tree filled with shades of purple decorations look like something from a designer boutique! It's stunning. I love the DIY ornaments, too.

  11. Your tree is beautiful! The purple is gorgeous and definitely sophisticated like you said... I especially love all the handcrafted ornaments you made! Blush ornaments were hard to find this year so I can imagine purple were also hard to come by. Yours are amazing!

  12. Gorgeous purple Christmas tree, Gail! I wish I could do my ribbon that pretty.

  13. You have such a pretty purple Christmas tree Gail! I hope you have a wonderful month of December.

  14. Gail,
    OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE this Tree!! A purple flocked tree1! Who would have thought it!! I adore how you decorated it...If I had a bigger bathroom and not the smallest Bathroom known to man, I would have a tree like this in my purple bathroom!!! Gorgeous!! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!! Stay safe, healthy and Happy!!

  15. Gail, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful purple Christmas tree with us. It is just stunning. I can’t imagine it’s even prettier in person. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and happy new year!

  16. Your tree is very elegant and beautiful this year. Love that it is all in purple of course. Have a wonderful holiday.

  17. Gail your tree is sublime! So unique & classy. Pinned. RedneckRhapsody

  18. Gail, your purple tree is gorgeous! I love all the different shades of purple and how they complement each other. Your DIY ornaments are lovely, too. The gifts under the tree look fabulous! So much better than a tree skirt. It was fun hopping with you. Happy Holidays! Pinned :) Rebecca (Zucchini Sisters)


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