Thursday, September 23, 2021

DIY Rope Ribbed Glass Pumpkin

Do you love decorating with pumpkins for the Fall season? I know I do! There must be over one hundred and one ways to create all kinds of decorative pumpkins. From using the real thing - to styrofoam, wood, paper, velvet, ribbon, yarn, etc! So many possibilities! I could go on and on with how you can make a decorative pumpkin and the best part, most are so easy to create! Like this DIY rope ribbed glass pumpkin I'm about to show you - just in time for this months' Creative Craft Hop, hosted by Sara @Birdz of a Feather! If you're coming over from Terri @Decorate & More with Tip, wasn't her drip painted ginger jar gorgeous!

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I think the rope ribbed glass pumpkin looks so chic and classy and incredibly easy to make! It took about 10-15 minutes to create! 

You just need a few items to make one:

 Start with a clean, grime and oil-free fish bowl. Mine is about 9" across. Then turn the fish bowl upside down to make the bottom of the bowl the top of the pumpkin. 

Next, cut five -25" strips of 10mm jute rope. Glue one end of a rope strip on top of the glass at the 12 o'clock position and .  .  .

wrap it down and around and back up to the top at the 6 o'clock spot and glue down. 

Then take another piece of rope and place that one between the first ends at the 3 o'clock spot, gluing the ends down, as before - ending that piece at the 9 spot. Place the third rope end equally between the twelve and three spots - gluing it down and wrapping around the bowl, as before, and gluing down the end between the 6 and 9 spots. 
And finally, take the fourth rope, gluing it down between the 3 and 6 spots and wrapping around the bowl and gluing the end down between the 9 and 12 spots - creating eight ribbed pumpkin sections! I hope that wasn't confusing for you. You'll notice that the ropes criss-cross at the bottom center. Add a few drops of hot glue on top of each one so they won't move and to keep them together.

To make the stem, add glue around the ends of the rope ribs and .  .  .
begin coiling the fifth rope strip on top and around into a stem shape, gluing in place.
How cool does this look!
Add leaves and berries to complete the look!

For an additional decorative look, place on a glass pedestal .  .  .
and add twinkle lights for a nice, warm effect at night.

Next up is Jenna @The Painted Apron! Please enjoy checking out her adorable spooky centerpiece for Halloween!

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  1. How creative Gail! I love the addition of the rope and your leaf and berry embellishments for a neutral fall d├ęcor pumpkin! So easy too. As always it’s a treat to hop with you, Happy Fall ♥

  2. This turned out so cute!! I love this look Gail. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  3. This is so impressive Gail! I'm always in awe of your talent to take simple items and make them into something spectacular! I want to be you when I grow up - lol!

  4. What a fun idea - and so pretty! I especially love it with the lights! Happy Fall!

  5. Como siempre una magnifica y sorprendente idea. me encantan tus trabajos.

  6. Gail, this is so creative and I love the end result!

  7. So clever Gail! I will never look at a bowl again without think pumpkin possibility! It's so cute and the stem and top decorations you created are fantastic. I LOVE the lights, so pretty!!! Hmmmm, I'm going to need to find a bowl!

  8. Gail, this is so cute! I love that you allowed the glass to show through and lighted it from inside. Great fall craft!

  9. Darling rope pumpkin Gail. A pretty little LED inside is all that is needed. Happy fall.

  10. This is great Gail! I have so many of these globes and now I know how to dress them for fall! Thanks so much!

  11. What an easy pumpkin project, Gail. I love placing a candle inside for a pretty nighttime look.

  12. Very clever - love this idea - you are always sharing great projects and I appreciate it!

  13. What an amazing idea, Gail. So simple but so different. The best kind of craft ideas.

  14. What a clever idea for a pumpkin and a great way to recycle those glass vases we end up collecting from floral deliveries. Even better is how it is illuminated at night! I think my living room needs one of these.

  15. You clever gal! I love this project, Gail and will be featuring it on my blog Tuesday evening. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.


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