Monday, July 12, 2021

Create A Holiday String Box

I have always loved seeing  handmade string wrapped balls and string wrapped cone shaped trees for the holidays.  They are quite popular and easy to make for Christmas decorations! You can find lots and lots of tutorials on making them! But I'm having difficulty finding an easy to make tutorial for string wrapped boxes. You see the boxes everywhere - indoors and out - for the holidays - and can't you imagine how many different ways they can be decorated, too  - perfect in any holiday decor! 

Welcome to our monthly Blog Hop Challenge hosted by Beverly @ Across the Blvd. The theme for this month is Christmas in July! And I'm sharing an easy to make tutorial on how to Create A Holiday String Box.

A trendy and classy Christmas Decoration!

You can easily make your own with an empty Tissue Box, Plastic Wrap, Crochet Thread, and Aileen's Tacky Glue. So let's get started!

Take an empty tissue box .  .  .

and drape it in plastic wrap .  .  .
securing the plastic completely around the box.
Next, the easiest way I've found to wet the thread and at the same time remove excess glue while wrapping the box - with no mess or string tangling - is to take a thin, but strong upholstery needle and thread it with the end of a ball of crochet thread. Then take a small bottle of Aileen's Tacky glue (from Dollar Tree) and .  .   
punch the lower portion of the bottle with the threaded needle .  .  .
pulling the needle and thread through the bottle. Then remove the thread from the needle and .  .  .
secure the end thread to the box. Begin wrapping the tissue box with the thread while holding the glue bottle as you wrap - first vertically and .  .  .
then horizontally .  .  .
alternating how you wrap .  .  .
until .  .  .
you're satisfied with the look.
If you want, you can add additional tacky glue over the thread by dabbing more on with a sponge. Secure the end of the string with a string that's wrapped on the box and cut off the excess. You can store the glue bottle with the hole in a ziplock bag for future projects. Just add more glue, as needed. Let the wrapped box dry for several hours or overnight on a surface that won't stick or simply hang up with a bit of excess thread until dry.

Once the string box is thoroughly dry, cut a flap on the narrow side to remove the cardboard box. 

Use scissors to carefully cut the box into pieces to .  .  .

pull out and remove.

Turn box upside down to place flap on bottom.
Decorate with ribbon .  .  .
bow and trim!
You can insert remote control twinkle lights for a cool, festive and .  .  .
colorful look!

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  1. Wow Gail! You are amazingly creative and inspiring. I have to try to make a string Christmas box this year. Thanks for the great instructions.

  2. Wow Gail, this is amazing! Your patience and creativity knows no bounds!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenna! I guess I really draw out my tutorials and make them seem a bit difficult, but they are very easy - believe me, I don't do hard to-make crafts, lol!

  3. This is fabulous, Gail. I love the tip about how to use the glue with the needle. That's such a great idea.

    1. Thanks, Beverly! Yes, it's a lot less messy than putting the thread in a bowl of glue!

  4. This holiday box is sooooo cute! And adding the lights just makes it even more perfect! Love the bow!

    1. Thanks, T'onna! I know! The lights makes it extra special - it looks so much better in person!

  5. OMY how fun this is. You make everything so cute and easy. The lights and ribbon bring it to life.

  6. I love this so much! I've never seen that done before. I will pin and give it a try!


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