Thursday, April 22, 2021

DIY Mother's Day Plaque


Celebrate the special Mom in your life with a beautiful handmade Mother's Day plaque that she simply will fall in love with! How could she not once she sees it!
This is a lovely way of using spring flowers and pretty decorative trim. If pansies aren't her favorite, use any type of flower you wish to add colorful blooms. Plus, the trim is extra special with sparkly silver accents, too! And the best part, you can switch up the saying to one of your choice - maybe something sentimental like a love poem for mom! 

This Mother's Day plaque is so versatile, e 

Welcome to our monthly Creative Craft Blog Hop created by Chloe @ Celebrate & Decorate and Andrea @ Design Morsels!  I've teamed up with a talented group of creative bloggers to bring you lots of wonderful ideas, projects and inspirations! 

Let's begin with what you'll need to make this awesome Mother's Day Plaque!

  • Cardboard
  • Printed message
  • Chalkpaint/spongebrush
  • Pencil/Scissors
  • Fabri-tac glue
  • 3ply twisted cord trim - 10mm
  • Faux flowers
  • Hot glue gun/glue
  • Parchment paper and clamp

First, find a plain oval shape to print - I'm using Word - and enlarge it to cover most of a 8x11.5" printer paper. Then, using a text box, create a message you'll want to say to your mother. Since my mom is no longer living, I'm just using the generic "Happy Mother's Day" greeting. But here's a chance for you to say just about anything you want to your mom. It can be something sentimental or even comical - whatever you like! Then print and cut it out.

Next, using the oval print-out as a guide, increase the size of the oval shape, leaving a generous border to wrap the cord trim on a piece of cardboard. Here, I'm using the back of a pizza box to draw and cut out the oval shape.
Then place the oval shaped wording on top of the cardboard to see how it looks. Cool, right!
Next, paint the cardboard using white chalkpaint and let dry.
Once dry, it's time to glue on the print-out using Fabri-Tac glue or one made for use with paper.

Then begin gluing on the cord trim at the top, using hot glue, following the outline of the oval shape.
It's best adding hot glue in increments to secure. You don't want the glue to dry before you have a chance to connect the trim.
As you near the beginning of the cord trim, apply hot glue close to the edge of the trim and .  .  .

hold the two pieces close together for a smooth fit until dry.

Then continue gluing on the cord trim close to the first row as possible .  .  .
adding hot glue and holding trim together as you add more trim rows around the oval shape.

Decide how many rows of trim you'd like to add. I stopped at five. I didn't want the trim to over power the piece. So I ended the trim in the same area where I started - cutting it at an angle and .  .  .
adding Fabri-Tac fabric glue to the end to seal the fibers. I wrapped the end with parchment paper and secured with a clamp until the glue dried.
Once the glue is dry, seal the end securely with hot glue to the final trim row.
Cut off the excess cardboard closely around the cord trim, following the oval shape.

Now to dress it up!

Begin gluing on faux leaves .  .  .

and flowers for a pretty decorative look .  .  . 

first, around the bottom and then .  .  .

on top!

What a beautiful and creative way to honor your mom with this lovely piece!

If you're coming over from Carol's @Blue Sky At Home, Welcome! I know you loved how she repurposed an old table! Up next, after me, is Mary @Home is Where the Boat Is sharing her adorable Bee Happy Wreath

Be sure to have fun and get inspired by all of the wonderful creations this month by clicking on the links below!


  1. Great way to celebrate Mom on Mother's Day! This is beautiful Gail - what mother wouldn't love this?

  2. How clever and pretty Gail! So brilliant to use a piece of cardboard for the base! Love the purple pansies, adorable!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenna! I keep recycled cardboard in my stash just for crafts!

  3. Such a pretty wreath Gail. Your creativity always amazes me. A perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I've had it in my mind to make for sometime, now. This hop gave me the reason to, lol!

  4. This is a great way to use cardboard. The grey rope, with your signature purples makes a good combo. Wonderful gift for mom's day.

  5. Gail, this is gorgeous! What a thoughtful Mother's Day gift--pinned!

  6. Such a great gift idea Gail! I love your addition of the pretty pansies! Happy to be hopping with you again. ♥

  7. I love the color and how it turned out. It's perfect for Mother's Day and you always do such fun and cute things. Thanks for sharing

  8. I like how you used the rope and then added the flowers-- what a beautiful decoration! All pinned.

  9. Gail, this is so pretty and so elegant, it doesn't look DIY at all. You have designed something that is so special and would make such a treasured gift for any mom! The silver trim adds such a classic touch to your plaque! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  10. So beautiful and special for Mother's Day! One would never guess the backing is cardboard. Very clever. Pinned.

  11. Gail, you've designed a lovely Mother's Day plaque! I love the grey cord and the pansies. Thanks for the detailed tutorial. My mother-in-law would love this! It's been fun crafting with you!

  12. Gail, what a cute idea. Love your detailed instructions. I bet kids could make this pretty gift for mom or grandma. The look can change up with different rope, flowers or message. For sure, a happy craft to make.

  13. This is such a pretty Mother's Day gift idea, Gail. Thanks for sharing it with us at the Snickerdoodle Party. I'll be featuring you this weekend!

  14. This is such a pretty and creative gift idea, Gail! I love the colors you chose and appreciate your detailed tutorial. This is something I can definitely do with my students at school. Thank you so much for sharing. It is always fun to hop with you!

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