Monday, March 8, 2021

Dollar Baking Tray With Handles


We all love updating dollar store items! And the cookie pan is a popular item to use in craft projects! And it's definitely fun turning plain old cheap stuff into decorative, useful household items! Just take a look and see how I updated this cookie pan! It's so easy to turn a cookie baking pan into a decorative tray with handles! Perfect for this month's Upcycled Project Blog Hop Challenge!

Cookie Pan
White chalk paint
Paint brush
Paper Napkins (2)
Matte Mod Podge
Ziplock Bags
18 gauge tarnish resistant wire
E6000 glue/hot glue 

Begin by removing the label on the pan. Then wash and clean off any residual glue, dirt and grime. Let dry. 
Once thoroughly dry, paint the pan using white chalk paint. You will need at least two coats.
Next, remove all of the white paper backings of the printed portion of the napkin. I always dampen my forefinger with a light dab of mod podge and tap together my thumb until sticky and then touch the corner edge to take apart the paper layers.
Next, size up napkin placement on tray and decide what you need to cover and what needs to be cut off. The design of the napkin had the same pattern on each end, but the height of the napkin was too large for the tray. And the width fitted perfectly and not adjustments were needed. 

So I cut the napkin off to allow enough space to add the same border.
This is how the napkin looked after cutting.
To decoupage the napkin, I applied mod podge on the tray in sections - to keep the wrinkles at a minimum. The napkin was not of a good quality - quite thin and was wrinkled beforehand.
Once the decoupage was applied, I smoothed out the napkin using a ziplock plastic bag that I cut the top and bottom off to open full.
Once the napkin was smooth out, I let the decoupaged napkin portion dry.
Then I used the other end half of the napkin to match the plaid lines 
And applied that piece the same way (in sections) and smoothing out using ziplock plastic and let dry.
Since you could see the straight lines of the added piece, I decided to cut out decorative trim pieces from another piece of napkin and decoupage them on .  .  .
for a seamless look!
To make the tray handles - for each handle, I cut three 24" lengths of 18 gauge wire and folded each piece in half, wrapping the wires with one of the wire loops.
And began braiding the wire until reaching the end. Sorry, I somehow didn't take pictures of the completed braid.

But here is the completed braided handle - hand shaped and glued on first with hot glue and then E6000 for a permanent hold.
I'm loving how this turned out!

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  1. I love the look of your tray; it's pretty and looks expensive. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Carol! It's amazing what can be done to dollar store items!

  2. Thanks to you, I now have quite a stash of decorative napkins and LOVE decoupage! All of your projects are such an inspiration. I love this one, too! pinning -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comments, Marci! I'm glad I inspired you to decoupage! It's quite a versatile craft to do!

  3. This is great, Gail. I love the way you can work with napkins like this.

    1. Thanks, Beverly! It has become my go-to craft to do! Lol!

  4. You made such a pretty spring tray and thanks for sharing how to make it Gail!

  5. This is just SO pretty, I love decoupage with paper napkins too but haven't done any for ages. You are making me want to look out the Mod Podge and see what I can pretty up!

  6. Darling tray with very little cost. Thanks to you my crafty friend.

  7. Your tray is really pretty! I love the floral napkin you used, and the handles are so cool!

  8. Such a great transformation! I didn't even realise that is was baking tray.

  9. Excellent transformation...I see lots of additional ways this can go..and perfect for Spring and Summer. Very pretty, Sandi

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Super cute Gail. I am happy to feature your cute tray on Sunday at Love Your Creativity.


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