Monday, February 8, 2021

Faux Leather Heart DIY

Don't you just love shopping your very own craft supplies to make something instead of running out to the craft stores every time there's a project due - especially during this pandemic? I think we've all been doing that for quite some time now. While looking through my stuff I came across a piece of faux leather I've had for some time (not sure where I got it) and also found ribbon in the same type of design and colors. Whoopee! Both perfect to use for this month's Craft Destash Project Blog Hop Challenge!
I love using faux leather in craft projects, as seen here and here! It's such a versatile textile and a fun way to create items using unconventional material like faux leather. And to have found some in a popular design trend like buffalo plaid and in my favorite color, too! So, for this challenge, I'm showing you how to make a unique, whimsical looking heart! Using faux leather and matching ribbon, you'll be sure to add a sophisticated, yet quirky statement to your decor or any romantic gesture like Valentine's Day! I love the basic technique and made something similar last month using foam sheets. 

The faux leather heart is a super simple DIY! You just need a ruler to cut a square piece of  faux leather, scissors and a hot glue gun! It doesn't get much easier than that!
Let's get started:
1.  Fold a 5"x5" square in half.

2.  Then cut square in half at the fold .  .  .
creating two triangles.
3.  Take one of the triangles and fold in half. Save the other half for making a second one.

4.  Begin cutting vertical lines near the edge, at the fold - in graduated lengths, with the first cut the longest.

5.  Try to make the cuts straight and even in equal widths along the fold.

You can make seven cuts for this size folded triangle.
6.  Next, open cut triangle flat on work surface.
7.  Begin adding glue to tip of each cut triangle, starting with the smallest and folding over to seal at edge.

8.  Continue adding glue to tip and folding over all of the cut out triangular strips.

9.  Then cut out a small triangle at the base following the v-shape center pattern. First one side and .  .  .

then the other side.
Flip fabric over to see the center diamond shape.

10.  Next, make a hanger out of a strip of matching ribbon, gluing ends together. 
11.  Add glue to center tip and apply ribbon hanger in middle.

12.  Then, apply glue to the edge of the faux leather and .  .  .
bring the center edges together .  .  .

matching edges and design.

This is beginning to look so adorable!
13.  To make a bow - cut a strip of ribbon, fold over ends and bring together to make loops on each side. Glue on a finishing ribbon strip around the center. Make bow tail by dovetailing ribbon ends  -  do this by folding ribbon tails together and cutting at an angle towards the bottom.  Fold over center strip for it to lay flat.  
14.  Glue tail on first and then bow on top in center of heart for a lovely effect.

You can easily create a few of these hearts in no time. Perfect for a garland or anything you like - for Valentine's Day, birthdays, showers, or home decor!

How cute is this!

Now, on to the Blog Hop:
Each month a group of talented bloggers get together to co-host a themed blog hop challenge spear-headed by Beverly @Across The Blvd. This month it's all about Craft Room Destash Projects! 

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  1. Woah, that's so clever. It's a bit of an optical illusion as I thought at first the heart bulged out and not in. I can see how the check makes it easier to cut straight and even lines but how you matched that pattern back up on the join is super impressive!

    1. Thanks, Julie! That was pure luck - I was amazed myself how the pattern lined up, too!

  2. I love how everything you make is purple. What a pretty heart decoration and I really like the pattern of the faux leather. You make this project look so easy.

    1. Thanks Jenny! You know I have to make everything with my favorite color and signature statement! Lol!

  3. Your tutorial makes it look simple! It's a lovely designed heart, Gail.

    1. Thanks, Beverly! It was quite easy to make - perhaps too easy! Lol!

  4. You've inspired me AGAIN, Gail! 'Love this darling heart with its adorable bow! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. Very neat and oh so simple with just some scissors and glue. Pinned.

  6. This heart is so cute! I love that shade of purple, and the bow is really cute. I'd love a bunch of these for a garland.

  7. Hi Gail. Very clever idea. I love that you found both the matching ribbon and the leather in your stash. Score. Pinned.

  8. You always come up with the best ideas. Love that you found everything you needed to make this pretty faux leather heart in your stash! Just think how empty our bins are going to be once this crazy pandemic is over. LOL

  9. What a cute project. The heart is so unique and cute! Happy Valentine’s Day Gail!

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