Sunday, March 15, 2020

Bunny Head Decorative Accent

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You see them in all the craft stores - especially this time of year - paper mache eggs! You can really get creative with what you can make with them! Here's a fun way to turn an egg into an adorable decorative bunny head! 

You will need:
Large Paper Mache Egg
Tacky glue
 Chalk paint (white, black)
Hot glue
Magic Marker
Air dry clay
Gloss varnish

Let's start with a plain paper mache egg! This one is 6" x 4.25"
 For the ears, you will need to make an ear template and cut out several pieces from cardboard .  .  .
 and glue together using tacky glue for thickness.
 Once the glue has dried, squeeze the cardboard ears to give them curvature .  .
 and then glue them on top of the egg.

Next, glue on twine around the edges of the ears to add dimension and let dry.

 Then handpaint the bunny head with several coats of chalk paint.
 Next, draw on mouth using a magic marker .  .  .
 curving the bottom up!
 And then ball up a bit of air dry clay and glue on and apply eyes with the end of a paint brush dipped in black paint.
 And for a nice finished sheen, sponge on several coats of  gloss varnish and let dry.

And finally, add a few foam flowers made from a previous project to dress the bunny head up a bit!

Just perfect as a decorative accent piece for Easter!

This post is part of the monthly Creative Crafter's Group! For March, we were challenge to make an Easter Themed Craft! I hope you enjoyed this easy to make tutorial! Please visit the other crafters participating!

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  1. Very clever to laminate the cardboard to make sturdy ears. I love the floral crown. The whole project turned out great!

  2. Me encanta, es un trabajo muy bonito y limpio a la vez que simp√°tico.
    Un beso amiga

  3. Oh my, how cute this bunny is. Love the face.

  4. Your bunny is so cute! Love your instructions, and how awesome he turned out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love, love, love your paper mache bunny! I'm visiting from Pin Junkie party.

  6. So happy to see you back at Tuesday Turn About, Gail! Hope you all are doing well! Your Easter egg bunny is quite cute!

  7. Such a cute decor piece Gail! Thanks for sharing with us at the Snickerdoodle link party - this will be one of my features this Saturday!


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