Monday, August 13, 2018

Best Ever Banana Bread

Welcome Friends to Our Monthly Challenge Blog Hop!

On the second Monday of each month, I've joined a group of talented bloggers to share themed creations of either Upcycling, Favorite Family Recipes or Dollar Store Crafts.  The theme for August is Old or New Favorite Family Recipes. 

I'm not much of a cook in retirement, but I do like to make a good banana bread loaf! My family loves bananas and who doesn't have overly ripe bananas leftover every now and then? 

So today, I'm sharing The Best Ever Banana Bread Recipe by Gold Medal Flour! I guess you're wondering why I'm using a recipe from Gold Medal Flour. Well, I discovered all banana bread recipes are not the same or turn out that good - even if it says "best ever!"  I've tried a few and the taste or appearance of the bread just wasn't up to par. Some, so chewy and others, too long to bake - resulting in dark, dense, yucky bread!

By chance one day, I was looking on the back of a bag of flour and saw a banana bread recipe. I thought, "this has to be good since it's from a flour company." Sure enough, it did not disappoint! My family loves it! The banana bread was so simple to make, very moist and quite tasty! Just check out this recipe!
It's a shame the Gold Medal Flour site doesn't include this recipe! It's a keeper! If you don't save it here, you'll have to get it from the back of the flour bag!

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  1. I love banana bread and have pinned to try your recipe! Shared with the world.

  2. Banana bread is so delicious for breakfast or a quick snack. My recipe includes cream cheese and chocolate chips. Not healthy, but oh so good!

  3. It's great that you found the recipe on the flour package. I've stumbled across some good recipes that way, too. The banana bread looks delicious, Gail. Pinning.

  4. I recently discovered some great recipes on food packages. I love to make banana bread with overripe bananas. Pinning to try this one.

  5. That does sound yummy! I peel any overripe bananas and store them in the freezer until I have enough saved up to make banana bread. Pinned.

  6. We love banana bread. This recipe looks simple and delicious! Thank you for sharing it. pinning -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. I almost made banana bread, but my bananas were too fresh. Yours looks delicious Gail. Pinning to share!

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